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   Chapter 522 Edith's Birthday (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-08-20 00:02

Eggs and noodles were the only foods she remembered having in the refrigerator. Egg noodles would be her menu tonight.

Cloris cooked the egg as the water in another pot boiled. She put the noodles in the pot. A few minutes later, her dinner was ready.

It was her habit to put some soy sauce on her noodles. Even though the meal was simple, this was the only food she could cook.

Since she was a child, she barely went to the kitchen to cook for herself, because Edith always did the kitchen works. Egg noodles were the best she could do.

The noodles were hot, so Cloris carefully brought it out to the table. It smelt tasty, making her proud of herself with this achievement.

Strangely, when people were too hungry, the simple egg noodles seemed like a feast to them.

After taking a slurp on her meal, Cloris took out her phone to check her microblog. While scrolling, she saw Cassandra's latest post.

There were pictures of sumptuous dishes and a birthday cake, with a 'happy birthday' on it.

And the caption read: "Today is my dearest mother's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!"

These few sentences made an impact on Cloris, making her almost drop her chopsticks.

It was Edith's birthday! How could she forget?!

Stunned for the moment, Cloris could only stare at the picture displayed on the phone screen. The birthday cake was too gorgeous, full of candles as if waiting for Edith to blow them after a wish. Happiness felt in the picture made Cloris lose her appetite. All of a sudden, the scrumptious meal tasted plain like water.

No wonder Cassandra had asked her out earlier today, even though it was apparent how she avoided them. They were supposed to celebrate Edith's birthday together, bu

Edith's birthday wish was.

'I bet she made cringe wishes, ' Cassandra said on her mind, making her laughed a little. In Cassandra's belief, Edith must have wished to have a happy and healthy family. Her mother was a woman who used to wear her makeups and sophisticated outfits as other women. Now, she cared for and loved her family the most.

A supermodel-like body was what Edith possessed before. After raising two daughters and experiencing a lot in life, her physical beauty was not what it used to be. With a wrinkled face, she was no longer young and beautiful because she was getting old.

But in the eyes of her loving daughter, Cassandra, she was still as gorgeous as ever. For her, the beauty that Edith owned was priceless and ageless.

Undoubtedly, Cassandra and Cloris inherited their faces from the mother. Cassandra still remembered the elegant woman who came to visit her every year in that small village. She always looked young, refined, and gorgeous.

Thankfully, because of Edith's genes, Rufus had a wife whose physical appearance was worth bragging.

However, physical beauty was temporary. Inner beauty mattered the most.

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