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   Chapter 521 Edith's Birthday (Part One)

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Hesitance was written all over Edith's face—she was weighing if Cassandra's words were right or wrong. It clearly showed how Cloris was not yet ready to open her heart to them, so they should give her some time to contemplate alone.

Even though Cloris blocked everyone off her life, she was still not neglectful of physical necessities. Like a sane person, she ate and slept, although with no traces of enthusiasm found in her.

"When should we go back? I can't bear to see her struggle alone for too long," Emily said worriedly to Cassandra.

Edith was worried.

"Mom, we're not going back tonight,"

Cassandra said and gave Edith a reassuring smile.

"We can go back tomorrow." "What do you mean, we're not going back? Are you just going to leave your sister like that? We should go back, Cassandra. What if Cloris..."

As Edith's worries intensified, Cassandra couldn't help but interrupt her.

"Don't worry, Mother. I did something. I have installed a camera in Cloris's bedroom, so we can monitor what she is doing through this phone," she said and waved her phone to Edith. "Even if we are not in the house, we can see what she is doing anytime we want. If something happens, we can head back immediately. Alright, Mom?"

she comforted with a grin on her pretty face. It was quite a rude resort invading her sister's privacy, but she was worried about her too. Recently, she had asked someone to set up a camera in Cloris's bedroom because she was aware of how hysterical her sister could be.

Spying would make Cloris angry, but there was nothing else she could do to lessen her worries for her. Once Cloris was fully recovered, Cassandra would tell her the truth.

"Really? That's great, Cassandra. I didn't know you did that! I know Cloris will get mad if she fi

"Let me drive you, ladies," he said and smiled.

Titillation was what Cassandra felt with Rufus's actions. Smiling like crazy, she went to the back seat, and Edith followed after.

An ideal man like Rufus would not dare to make his girl a chauffeur. It would ruin a gentleman's dignity.

After entering the car and starting the engine, Rufus smiled at Edith and asked, "What would you like to eat, Auntie? It's my treat!"

The man's smile was as delightful as the sunshine in the early morning, making Edith forget her worries and troubles for the meantime. Gladly, she trusted this man to take care of Cassandra in her stead.

Edith made up her mind. She decided to enjoy tonight with Cassandra and Rufus. As for Cloris… The secret camera that Cassandra had installed in Cloris's bedroom eased her mind. It would not be suitable to force Cloris to open up that way. Just let her be!

Meanwhile, Cloris drifted off to slumber and woke up when it was dark outside already. Remembering the incident earlier made her take a heavy sigh.

Feeling thirsty and hungry, she stretched herself out of the bed while rubbing her eyes. Her feet headed to the kitchen as fast as they could.

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