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   Chapter 520 Spin A Cocoon Around Herself

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Cassandra was at loss. She didn't know what to do with Cloris. She wondered if the former stubborn and strong-willed little girl would ever come back again.

This wasn't the same Cloris that she knew her entire life. This girl was damaged and hurt. She might never be able to be brave enough to open her heart again. There was no longer any spark in her eyes—the same spark that would always be so hungry for adventure and life.

Cloris was slowly decaying emotionally.

Every time Cassandra thought about her dear sister she always felt like someone had stabbed her. It was unacceptable and difficult for her to believe.

To what extend did Cloris allow herself to succumb this low? She was so young and there was still so much to look forward to in her life.

"Get up already, Cloris! You've spent way too much time under those covers. You could have been growing mushrooms under the sheets! Cassandra teased once more.

Even if she tried to sound relaxed and motivational, deep down, Cassandra was horribly worried about her sister. It felt like she was talking to a corpse.

"Just leave me alone. Please," Cloris begged, refusing to go outside.

Cloris was stubborn, just like her elder sister, as always.

Cassandra moved to lift Cloris's quilt, but at the last second, decided against it. She dropped the sheets back.

"Fine," Cassandra resigned, sighing before turning towards the door. "Mother and I are going shopping today. We might eat dinner outside, too. You can take care of yourself, right? We won't be back until late!"

she exclaimed as she closed the door.

Cassandra noisily trotted down the stairs, her plan already brewing well in her mind. She headed towards Edith in the living room.

"Mother!" Cassandra yelled, loud enough for Cloris to hear. "Cloris just wants to stay home, alone! Let's go, she can take care of herself,"

Cassandra spoke clearly without a hint of hesitation in her voice. Cloris sat up abruptly at the sound of her sister's voice, trying to listen in better at the muffled conversation.

Edith was surprised at the strange proposition, knitting her eyebrows together in confusion. She tilted her head questionably at her eldest daughter.

"What? We're going out? But what about..."

Edith made to ask, but Cassandra held a finger up to her own lips immediately.

"Shh!" Cassandra ordered.

Cassandra wanted Edith to quiet down.

Edith, however, became even more confused. The mother raised her eyebrow at her daughter.

"Just what on earth are you doing, Cassandra?"

Edith asked, complying anyway by lowering her voice. She looked at Cassandra worriedly, thinking that even her eldest daughter might have lost her mind.

"Mother, please get changed," Cassandra whispered lowly. "We're going out now. Please make as much noise as you can while you're getting ready," she explained as she shuffled around the living room.

She grinned at her mother, almost to the brink of laughing from her devilish plan.

"What about your sister? I don't think she can take care of herself now," Edith asked worriedly.

She was growing upset at the thought that Cassandra seemed confident enough to leave her poor sister all by herself.

"Mother, don't worry. She'll be fine. What she needs is space and time. If we keep pushing her, she'll definitely revert herself back,"

Cassandra r

and left them in her study. She locked the door and hid the key in her pocket. When Edith watched her lock the door, she hesitated to ask what that was all about.

"Trust me, Mom. I left her some eggs and dried noodles in the fridge. She can manage her stomach with them," Cassandra said, glancing towards her mother with a smile on her face.

Cassandra's plan was going swimmingly. She knew she couldn't let Cloris starve at home, but she gave her the bare minimum.

"Well, where are we going? When are we going back? I was planning to make Cloris her favorite braised fish today! We have to stop by the market later," Edith grumbled as she tried to make sense of what was going on.

Cloris was still heavily stuck in her head. Cassandra sighed loudly, trying to keep her mother calm.

"Mom. Don't you see how she's like the past few days? She's never appreciated anything we've given her. It's like she has spun a cocoon around herself. I don't think we should try to look for trouble. She's fine. Don't you see it? She just refuses to move because we would always do everything else for her. If you keep coddling her like this, she'll attach herself to you and she'll become more dependent on you. Nothing will change if that happens. So, let's leave her alone for just a little while. I think she'll be able to reflect on it since she's all by herself. She's an adult, Mom. She can handle these things on her own,"

Cassandra calmly and confidently explained, her head clearing as she spoke about her plan. If Cloris hadn't tried to kill herself, she would have asked Edith to pay more attention to her. But ever since the accident, she had been coddled and treated like a child.

Cassandra could understand where their mother's worrying was coming from. Cloris was her daughter, after all. However, Cassandra was sure enough that Cloris wouldn't do something like that again. Cloris had turned into the little snail she teased, always curling up in a shell and hiding from the outside world.

If Cloris didn't want to come out herself, Cassandra was going to make her do so. Only then will Cloris be level-headed enough to view and assess her surroundings, and more importantly, to see the situation she had put herself in.

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