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   Chapter 519 A Snail Hiding Under The Blanket

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It made Rufus's heart ache to see Cassandra this upset. He brought her closer to him, brushing his hand against her back.

"It'll be okay. We can always take on new staff. Don't worry. I'll always be here for you,"

Rufus said gently, whispering more comforting words to her.

"I hope I can be strong enough,"

Cassandra whispered back, calming down almost immediately just from the sound of Rufus's steady heartbeat.

"Cassandra. You are such an exquisite woman. There's a reason why the company's gone bankrupt, and it's not your fault. It's mine."

Rufus stroked Cassandra's back gently and lovingly.

"But what about this time? Surely I might have done something,"

Cassandra asked, leaning against Rufus's chest remorsefully.

"Don't think about that anymore. You can't always satisfy everyone. You just need to be true to yourself, always."

Rufus smiled against her hair as he let his fingers massage her shoulders. There was still room to assume that it was only coincidental for all the employees to quit at the same time. Rufus had already made up his mind to get to the bottom of this.

"I'll go set the table,"

Cassandra said, gently pushing Rufus away as she made her way to the kitchen.

Rufus kept his eyes glued to Cassandra's back. He smiled at her receding figure.

In no time, the room quickly began to smell of food. Rufus took a deep breath as he looked around, embracing the moment.

This was the warmth of home.

In a quiet room, Cloris lay still in bed, staring at the ceiling above her.

Edith knocked and pushed the door open with a faint smile on her face.

"Darling, I made you fruit soup. Please have some,"

Edith carefully carried the tray over to the bedside table before handing it over to Cloris. Cloris sat up, accepting the bowl with her hands on her lap.

She took one look at the fruit soup. There were slices of apples and haws in the bowl, floating above the clear, brown liquid.

Cloris still hadn't been eating much since she woke up. She wasn't as lively as before the incident occurred. Now, she kept to herself and barely spoke much. It worried Edith a lot.

Cloris slowly took the spoon and ate quietly.

"How does it taste? Do you like it? Is it too hot?"

Edith asked nervously. She was worried that Cloris might not eat enough.

"It's good,"

her daughter replied monotonously, letting the corner of her lip tilt up before she put the bowl down back on the bedside table.

"Cloris, do you want to get up? We can go for a walk in the courtyard, if that's what you want,"

Edith suggested. Cloris was capable of moving, but she still had to get used to it after being in a coma for such a long while.

"I don't really feel like walking,"

Cloris answered softly, fixating on a particular

dra chided dramatically, noisily tapping her feet towards the door. She opened the door and closed it, pretending that she left her little sister alone.

Once Cloris heard the door shut, she shifted underneath the blanket.

A smile crept past Cassandra's lips as she watched the lump move.

It took a little while before Cloris began to feel stuffy under the thick blanket. All of a sudden, she shoved the blanket down to her hips, breathing in the cool air heavily.

Cassandra wanted to laugh. She caught her petty little sister in the act!

Cloris sat up, hair all a mess. Her face was red and flushed from the heat and lack of air underneath the blanket. Only when she caught her breath did she look to the side to find her older sister by the door, looking at her with a stupid smile on her face.

Cloris gasped, not expecting that Cassandra would have tricked her.

"Little snail, little snail!" Cassandra teased, and Cloris could feel her skin crawl from the awful pet name. "I see you've come out of your shell!"

Cassandra walked back towards the bed, obviously resisting the urge to laugh. Cloris yanked the blanket back to her head, but Cassandra was quick enough to pull it back down.

Neither of them refused to give in. Cloris blushed from embarrassment, trying incredibly hard to cover herself. However, Cassandra kept stopping her.

"Let me sleep!"

Cloris grunted angrily. She was still too weak to pull the blanket back with her full strength.

"You can sleep tonight. But for now, get up! You have to accompany your big sister. I came all this way for you!"

Cassandra bargained, refusing to let the blanket go. If she did, Cloris would just hide away like a snail again.

"Let me nap!"

Cloris yelled, louder this time, as she tugged harder on the blanket. Her cheeks and ears had turned into fiery scarlet red.

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