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   Chapter 518 Don't Do It All By Yourself

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The corners of Cassandra's lips stretched into a nervous smile, but Rufus just stroked her hair affectionately and grinned pleasantly at her.

"Silly girl, what are you thinking about? Your sister is fine, don't scare yourself," Rufus smiled and gently chided her.

He even looked quite jovial in contrast to a nerve-wracked Cassandra, who couldn't seem to stay calm despite his pleasantness.

"I was really scared. I thought there was something wrong with Cloris!" she said.

However, she still felt relieved by Rufus's words.

At that moment, Rufus cleared his throat which broke Cassandra's train of thought.

"Cassandra, I wanted to tell you another thing," he said and looked at Cassandra speculatively.

"What's that?" Cassandra asked with raised eyebrows.

She sensed that there was something unusual with his words from the way he said.

"I know that Clark has bought the house we like—and you probably have guessed it, he did it to piss us off. But I don't want a conflict with him right now, so you have to be more patient. We can just look for a new one," he said.

He looked deep into Cassandra's eyes as he waited for her response.

But Cassandra looked quite surprised, then suddenly laughed.

"I thought you were going tell me something big! I don't want to look for trouble either. My mom wanted to convince him for us, but I didn't even want to bother ourselves to do that. I just walked away because I knew he intentionally did it. He just wanted us to feel inferior to him, do you think I'll buy that? You really underestimated me!" Cassandra said with a wink.

She looked positively adorable with her pouted lips.

In fact, Cassandra wanted to discuss it with Rufus as well when she knew about this whole thing. She was supposed to tell him to be calm and avoid trouble with Clark. It turned out that they had thought the same, which genuinely surprised her!

Surely Clark did it for no good. Besides, Rufus had warned her before that everything Clark had done in private weren't good. Thus, Cassandra just didn't want to argue with Clark.

Moreover, Clark had tried to harm Edith, so Cassandra didn't want to be associated with him at all.

"I'm so happy you understood me. I got too careless this time. I didn't expect that he would cause me trouble on purpose. But I don't want to make things worse, since he's my teacher's son-in-law after all," Rufus said.

It was like something was lifted off his shoulders when he said that, and he felt more comfortable when he knew that she understood him.

If it were someone else, Rufus would've exacted his revenge. However, it was Dark Night Group who taught him a lot—so he must do things for Charlie's sake, no matter how much he hated Clark.

A smile formed on Cassandra's lips, then she stood on her tiptoes and patted Rufus on the shoulder, pretending to cheer him up.

"Of course I understand you! I'll talk to my mom, so don't be too str

that Victor was the one who told him, and not Cassandra herself.

He stared at Cassandra with clear disappointment in his eyes.

"I just tried to handle it by myself," Cassandra bit her lip and looked up at him.

She knew that Rufus would know it sooner or later. The secret wouldn't last long with him.

It was just that Cassandra didn't want to worry him because she knew that he was busy with the branch company in G City, and he needed to do everything in person.

"My name is on the studio's contract too. Of course, I'm one of the bosses as well. I'm also obliged to solve the problem with you," Rufus told Cassandra seriously.

It looked like Cassandra was about to break down, but she nodded at him.

Rufus thought that this wasn't accidental. Someone had caused trouble for Cassandra intentionally.

A hint of darkness flashed in Rufus's eyes. He felt as if there was a big hand in the shadows that tried to claw them out and choke them until they suffocated.

But, how could Rufus be played by other people so easily?

"Please let me know first if something's wrong in the future. Don't do it all by yourself, you have me. Got it?" Rufus said earnestly.

He drew Cassandra closer to him, then wrapped her in his arms, and leaned his forehead against hers.

Warmth flooded Cassandra, but she still felt sad inside.

"Rufus, I feel like I am a loser. Why can't I do things right? Whether it's in Qin group or the studio, it's all the same…I feel that I'm useless," Cassandra choked out.

She truly was sad and anxious about herself, and it seemed that she would cry any minute.

She tried to be strong for a few days, and acted happy every day in front of Rufus when he came home. But whenever she went to work in the studio, she felt miserable.

At that moment when she was in Rufus's arms, she couldn't control her feelings anymore. All her heartache burst forth like a strong flood behind a gate, and was finally released.

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