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   Chapter 517 Cloris Awakened

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Cassandra's eyes turned into sparkling stars upon hearing Rufus's words.

There was a great sense of satisfaction from seeing Rufus enjoy the meals she cooked for him.

'I'm lucky to have a husband like him. There's no need to look for anything else. This is enough, ' she pondered in contentment.

"Cassandra, aren't you going to eat?"

Wondering why Cassandra had yet to move her chopsticks, Rufus looked up at her curiously.

After a pause, she chuckled.

"I just like watching you eat," she said with a smile. Seeing her smile, he couldn't help wanting to playfully flick her nose again.

"You're so silly. Let's have dinner first."

The more he got along with Cassandra, the more lovely he found her to be. Getting past her stubbornness, he realized how many more qualities she had, just waiting for him to uncover.

The next day, Cassandra took her mother to the villa Rufus had shown her before. Amazed by the place, Edith was all too satisfied and she couldn't stop praising it, while Cassandra was totally expecting her reaction.

"It's a lovely house. And the environment is peaceful and quiet," Edith commented.

Her pleased smile was obvious with her eyes full of satisfaction.

"If you like this house that much, I'll tell Rufus. I think this is it, our new residence!"

It seemed to be a pleasant day as she learned how satisfied her mother was with the villa. It was a delightful thought that she would soon be able to live with Edith and take good care of her family.

But at this moment…

"Mr. Ji, no house in G City can match this villa in the middle of the lake. Look over here," said a voice from outside, making Cassandra frown in confusion.

When she turned to see who was there, Clark stepped into the room and met her gaze.

"Aunt Edith and Cassandra, what are you two doing here?"

With raised brows and a smile, Clark approached them, as if it was a pleasant surprise to see them here.

"What a coincidence! Cassandra just brought me to see the house."

Because Clark left such a good impression on Edith in the past, she welcomed him with a smile.

"I'm going to buy this house. I'm sorry, Aunt Edith."

The news took the mother and daughter by surprise, and neither of them knew how to respond.

"You must be the person Mr. Luo brought here to see the house before. I'm really sorry about this.

Since Mr. Luo didn't pay the deposit, we have just closed the sale with Mr. Ji," said a man in a suit, who stepped in wearing an apologetic expression.

Taking a look at his business card, Cassandra could tell he was a real estate agent.

With that, she took another look at Clark, and saw how his lips were slightly turned upward as if he was trying hard not to smirk. He looked all too complacent for the supposedly surprising situation.

It then became clear to Cassandra that it was all Clark's doing. Still, she was curious as to how he even found out about the property. It was rather unfortunate that the villa her mother loved would be snatched away.

"Mom, let's go."

Not wanting to worsen the situation, Cassandra was ready to pull Edith away and leave. But without knowing her daughter's intentions, Edith didn't let herself get pulled away.

"Clark, you see, it's such a

In her dream, Cloris was running, trying but failing to shake off the darkness following her like a shadow. It truly was like a shadow. She couldn't get rid of it no matter how far she ran.

Suddenly, a light appeared in front of her, immediately dispelling the darkness.

At that moment, Cloris finally woke up.

Even after the coma, she remembered exactly what happened when she attempted to take her own life. After experiencing death and coming back from the gates of hell, the past finally began to disappear like clouds. Her eyes were slowly, but surely, clearing up.

"Well, Mom, Cloris will receive some treatment later, so she has to rest well.

You can talk to her more after that," Cassandra approached Edith with a smile. Though she was glad to see the two reunite, she had to make sure Edith wouldn't tire Cloris out after just waking up.

Realizing that she might have come on too strong, Edith hurriedly straightened up.

"Right! I'm sorry…

I'm just so happy," she explained, taking the tissue Cassandra handed to her and wiping the tears off her face.

When the nurse stepped in to do Cloris's routine examination, Rufus stepped in after staying quiet for a while, trying not to interfere during the small family reunion.

"Cassandra, can we talk outside? I have to tell you something."

Rufus's words seemed quite alarming. While she had a feeling that something bad was about to happen, Cassandra told herself to remain calm.

"Mom, you stay here with Cloris.

I'll be back later," she said to her mother as she followed Rufus out of the ward.

When they got to the corridor, she grabbed Rufus by the arm.

"Tell me, Rufus…

Is Cloris getting worse?" she asked, her voice trembling. Anxiety started to creep into her expression.

Suddenly, numerous awful scenarios started to flash through her mind, making her more and more nervous.

Carbon monoxide poisoning could have many negative effects, after all. If anything else happened to Cloris, Edith probably wouldn't be able to take it.

While there could be hope for someone in a coma, the sequelae could be a nightmare that would crush all hopes for a lifetime.

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