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   Chapter 514 Stirring Up His Hatred! (Part Two)

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he added, relaxed with his body stretched out on the sofa.

"Please don't bother. I have no interest in Tang Group anymore,"

Rufus snorted, the coldness in his eyes turning icy now.

He could now guess Chester's intention. 'Could he be trying to make me his ally by making me such an offer?'

While Rufus was in deep thoughts, Chester chuckled again. That was enough to confirm Rufus's suspicion. Now, Chester narrowed his eyes, reading Rufus's expression intently.

'Aren't you a hard nut to crack, boy, ' he thought.

To attain his object, Chester had done many things right under everyone's nose. It was he who had gone out of his way to create a conflict between Clark and Rufus, which had somehow ended up with Amanda and Clark's marriage. Now Cassandra was with Rufus again, and his plan still remained devoid of fruition.

His plan B was to manipulate Rufus by taking control of Tang Group, but it seemed like Rufus wasn't buying that either. It looked like he had to turn to the last resort, which he was reserving for the extreme condition.

"Well then, do you at least have some interest in knowing who was responsible for our accident, and who was to be blamed for all of our injuries?" he asked at last.

His lips curled up again, this time into a sneer. His eyes had a sort of wicked twinkle in them. The air around him seemed to have turned cold.

Rufus was stunned at his words. For a while, he stood petrified...unable to come up with any response.

The accident flashed back in his mind in an instant. He couldn't remember how it had happened, but he did remember falling down into a ravine and hitting a tree that gave him that severe scar on his back. He'd been in a coma for several days before gaining consciousness again.

All these years, he had thought of it as a mere accident. But now...Chester made it


As for Rufus, Chester was now knocking on his door asking for help. Surely he didn't need to beg him to tell anything more as it was not his personal interests that seemed to be on the line.

Rufus remained silent while Chester's eyes shone with determination.

He knew that his injuries were nothing compared to Rufus's, and that he could've forgotten all about it easily. But the shock he had felt upon finding out who had plotted the accident was beyond description. Even though it hadn't affected him much, this information had completely blown his mind.

"I know why you refuse to acknowledge Horace as your father, Rufus. It's because you hate him," Chester began. "Hatred is a good thing, for it can teach you lessons, make you grow, and become stronger! But when it comes to that so called accident, it is Clark you should hate!"

Chester said, with his eyes glinting in an evil manner. He looked straight into Rufus's dilated pupils, pleased to see how the young man had reacted to his words. Rufus's face had turned grim, while he tried to contain his anger in his clenched fists and muscles.

'Let the hatred burn inside you, Rufus! And let's finish Clark off together!' Chester thought with excitement.

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