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   Chapter 513 Stirring Up His Hatred! (Part One)

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Cassandra hastened to take her apron off, realizing how inappropriate it was to greet a guest in such a casual manner.

"Here you go," she said, handing him the teacup. "I'm so sorry for the mess in the house. We've actually hired a part-time maid to do the cleanup outlines, but once in a while I just compulsively feel like cleaning the house myself. Please bear with me."

Her tone was apologetic but she wasn't embarrassed. When she looked up and cast a glance at his face, a hint of terror flashed across her face. The scar had her attention again. She wondered what was the story behind it.

"I admire how able and industrious you are, Ms. Qin. Rufus is such a rich and powerful man, and he is entirely capable of paying as many cleaners as you'd like to finish the chores..." said the man.

His eyes squinted, as if he was trying to study Cassandra. Those beady eyes became too small for Cassandra to maintain an eye contact, which also made it harder for her to guess what was on his mind.

"Yes, that's true. But this is our own house and sometimes I feel like I can take better care of it,"

Cassandra explained. Oblivious of the relationship between this man and Rufus, she tried to be as neutral and respectable as possible.

The man looked about sixty years old, and was very skinny. Even though he was sitting right in front of Cassandra, there seemed to be a sort of mysterious cloud about his aura, which prevented her from knowing him more.

He simply nodded his head in response. A few seconds passed before he spoke again, "If I'm not mistaken, you and Rufus are getting married soon. Am I right? I mean I heard he proposed to you. Pardon me, but it has become a wide-spread story now."

A smile ended up on his face as he finished.

But it wasn't a pleasant smile, or at least to Cassandra it wasn't. A smile usually held the power to make a favorable impression. But his was eerie, especially

hester withdrew his hand with a smile that seemed to be hinting at something. He was quite composed, unmoved by Rufus's cold reaction to him. To be honest, he had fully expected this of him.

After all, he was meeting him as the founder of Eagle Group, rather than a member of the Dark Night.

"I bet you have already heard about my investment into Tang Group. I mean, Horace's Tang Group,"

Chester said, sitting back down on the couch as if it was his own house. His voice was gruff yet steady. One could observe his composure through his mysteriously calm smile.

Rufus's face darkened. He tried to see through this man and guess what he had come for, but failed.

"I'm afraid Tang Group is not my concern, and I would never meddle in another company's affairs,"

Rufus answered flatly, without showing him any respect. 'Does he really think I would thank him for giving money to Tang Group? Well, that isn't funny, ' he thought irritably.

"Well, Rufus...I know that you don't get along well with your father, but we can be good friends. Tang Group is now in my hands, you see, and you can get an opportunity to decide its fate. All you have to do is rub the lamp," Chester said slowly and confidently. "Let's torture and destroy Horace, you know I can be of help!"

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