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   Chapter 512 A Strange Man

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"What? Chester invested in the Tang Group?" Charlie almost jumped off his chair with his eyes wide open.

His eyes darted to Clark in disbelief.

"Yes, he tried to cook the books, but we managed to confirm the money flow..."

Clark reported further, his eyes furrowed.

Charlie put his hands behind his back and started to pace back and forth in the office restlessly. He was deeply annoyed at how things had turned out.

Clark, on the other hand, stood still with a cold smile appearing across his lips.

What did Chester's investment in Tang Group mean? Horace was Rufus's biological father, and nothing could change this fact, including the conflicts between them. Blood is thicker than water.

Besides, no one knew what was on Rufus's mind. What if he was just pretending to hate his father?

"Chester has claimed Dark Night Group would be his one day and created a big scene the day he left. He truly is coming after us this time,"

Charlie said, worriedly frowning.

The Dark Night Group was founded by Charlie, Chester and Clark's father. Charlie couldn't believe Chester would one day go to the lengths of destroying the company in this way.

Chester had been out of the industry for quite some time. Turned out, he had been accumulating strength and plotting a vicious plan.

"If it was just him...he wouldn't threaten us so confidently. I am afraid he has allies which make him so strong..."

Clark trailed off on purpose. He took a glance at Charlie, hesitating to go further.

Charlie understood what Clark wanted to imply, which was also his biggest concern.

Chester had now stopped playing tricks behind Charlie's back. He challenged him bluntly and directly, threatening to divide the Group.

"Keep an eye on Rufus. If you find any evidence that suggests he is helping Chester, you know what to do!"

Charlie ordered firmly, finally stopping to pace.

He was now able to think rationally. All his hesitation and worry were gone. It was time to act.

"Sure. I've always kept an eye on Rufus."

Clark squinted. His eyes seemed to be glinting with an eerie sense of excitement.

Rufus had always been a thorn in Clark's way. It was because of him that Charlie never thought of promoting Clark. On the contrary, he had worked with Rufus and plotted to kick Clark out of the company, which was why he needed to be very careful right now.

There were too many dangers around him. It was impossible to feel secure and relieved until they were all eliminated.

Thinking deeply about how to deal with Chester, Charlie didn't notice the vicious sm

"Hello, can I help you?" Cassandra asked through the monitor.

She had never seen this guy before. He seemed to be as weird as his outfit.

"I'm Rufus's friend."

His voice surprised Cassandra. It was so hoarse that she thought her monitor had gone wrong.

"Sorry, Rufus isn't home right now."

She wanted to reject this man instantly. There was something very creepy about him and she thought it was best to make him go away.

"Well, can I wait for him inside the house?"

the man asked with a small chuckle. His voice was still hoarse.

Cassandra hesitated for a while, but then opened the door anyway. It would be impolite of her to turn down a friend of Rufus's.

The man walked in the house with his windcheater still on.

However, he did take off his hat. His face was thin and bony, with a long scar across his left cheek.

Cassandra's heart started to beat faster when she noticed the scar. This man was truly scaring her.

"Hi, you must be Ms. Qin," said he, extending his hand in front of her.

Even though he looked scary, he talked in a friendly manner. Cassandra nodded her head, shook his hand, and spoke politely, "Yes, come on in. Rufus will be home soon."

She forced a smile, leading him into the living room. She didn't dare look into his eyes.

Leaving him there, she went into the kitchen to make him a cup of tea.

The man sat on the couch, looking around at the place. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

"Ms. Qin, why don't you employ some handmaids? I mean, it's a large mansion. Isn't it tiring to clean the house entirely on your own?" he asked.

Seeing that she was wearing an apron and the cleaning cloth in a corner, he assumed she was doing housework all on her own.

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