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   Chapter 510 True Colors (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 6387

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Rufus remained unresponsive in his seat, as if even Edith's departure had escaped him. Cassandra took a deep breath and walked over to him quietly.

"Rufus…" she began hesitantly, groping blindly for the right words, "please understand that we want what's best for you more than anyone else in this world." Her words came out muffled in her uncertainty.

She reached out to Rufus with an expectant look in her eyes, wanting nothing more at that moment than to hold him.

"Leave me alone."

Rufus's icy voice broke the silence before she could come closer. It rang like the sound of shattered glass in the room.

Cassandra's hands hung suspended mid-air for a moment in her shock. Then she lowered them slowly and clenched her fists as she fought hard against the invisible hand gripping at her chest. His words had stung her with rejection.

"Okay, I understand. I'll be downstairs," she murmured quietly.

She turned around hastily and grabbed her laptop, wanting to flee the room and for a moment to lock her pain inside herself.

She quickened her steps and headed for the door, but was stopped by a pair of strong arms wrapping around her.

Rufus held her by the waist and drew her close to him.

Cassandra found herself unable to respond to the sudden movement. Rufus burrowed closer into her chest as she stood still from shock.

"Please stay with me, Cassandra. I need you," he said in a muffled voice, as if even speaking pained him.

He clung to the little woman stiffly as Cassandra still froze in confusion.

He had closed his eyes and was breathing deeply. She felt her heart constrict at the sight of his pain and returned his embrace, stroking his head delicately. At that moment, there was nothing more precious to her in the world...

"I'll stay with you. I won't go anywhere," she whispered.

Cassandra was no stranger to suffering, and she understood that Rufus was

with Lionel, she went to the rooftop alone and spent the whole night there. It was the night that she felt the most lonely, abandoned by the whole world, with no one who understood her. She had watched the sky change its hues, night dissolving into a bright, clear sky as the sun awoke from its slumber.

The day broke and chased away the shadows, and despite the heaviness in her chest, Cassandra found herself relishing in the small hope of morning. Looking back on it, she could not help but feel a small relief that she did not jump that time. If she had, she never would have met Rufus.

Rufus was feeling as if he was sinking in quicksand, and Cassandra wanted to do everything she could to give him a hand and get him out. She believed that when the storm passed, Rufus would find his peace and be free from the past that had shackled his present.

The morning went by as usual. After lunch, Rufus and Cassandra went outside to clear the snow in the courtyard. Then after some time, they found themselves throwing snowballs at each other. They had already forgotten who started it. Now they were just lost in the pure white bliss as snow enveloped them like a gentle cloud.

The courtyard rang with the sound of laughter as snowballs shuttled back and forth.

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