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   Chapter 509 Go For It, Cassandra!

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Edith was firm and clear, and even if Rufus didn't agree, she would definitely make out this mess. It was the reason her daughter and the man she was going to marry started their conflict. She was well aware that Cassandra was quite stubborn, and if they were unable to completely make it clear, she believed that they would come into dispute again in future. Thus, Edith decided to uproot it once and for all.

Out of respect for Edith, Rufus had no other choice but to tell Edith he was willing to listen to whatever she had to say.

Witnessing things falling into their rightful places didn't please Edith at all. Instead, she looked somewhat remorseful.

She held Cassandra's hand gently, then walked to the desk and sat on the chair. It was hard to make out what she was thinking at that very moment.

"I remember when I became a mother. I was at sea before I gave birth, actually. Cassandra was born, and then Cloris…Yet I hardly felt ready to take care of my own children. Deep down, I still felt like a little child, cackling around the house and on my mother and father's knees. However, my daughters changed my life. They pushed me to move up to another level. It was very difficult to fulfill the new role of being a mother," Edith said as she leaned back on her chair, reminiscing the old times.

She spoke softly, obviously getting lost in her thoughts and allowing herself to swim into her memories.

Both Rufus and Cassandra were all ears to her stories and anecdotes.

"Cassandra was the firstborn, so I poured all my love to her. She allowed me to experience in becoming a mother. When Cloris arrived, everything came second to her, even Cassandra. Cloris became the top priority because she was younger, and needed more guidance somehow. I didn't expect that protecting her at all costs would mean her growing up spoiled. When they were just girls, both Vernon and I didn't realized how we treated Cloris would take a wrong turn. We were always so gentle and considerate towards her. Even when she got married later, her husband would do the same!"

Edith closed her eyes, allowing the memories of her young kids to travel through her mind once again—Innocent, lovely girls running around the garden, laughing like every single day was the best day.

"By now, I'm guessing you already know what happened next. Vernon and I were so confused and didn't know what else to do. We wanted Cassandra to stay with us, but we feared what could happen in the future. We had no other choice but to send her away to a small town where a family would raise her for us. Because Cloris grew up around me, I unconsciously favored her more than Cassandra,"

Edith paused momentarily as if she was reluctant to talk about this particular memory. It was hard for her to discuss it in front of Cassandra.

"During the downfall of Vernon's business, only the Tang family offered their helping hands to us. In order to form a stronger agreement and alliance, we promised to marry Cassandra into their family. As you know, things escalated pretty quickly from then on."

Edith was unable to go on further. She was ashamed of herself for putting her daughter's life in jeopardy. Cassandra was not a piece of meat, but

In a family, one supports and loves another. We forgive. Just like what Cassandra has done to me."

A fulfilled smile played on Edith's lips upon the mention of forgiveness, and she had never been more pride to call Cassandra her daughter.

"I know you hate your father for what happened between him and your mother, and I totally understand where you're coming from. However, I just want to remind you that we can't turn back the time. Please, if you can, step out of the past's unpleasantness. Put it behind you and start anew. I bet that Horace has realized his mistakes. One day, he will come to you to express his sincere apologies. A fault confessed is half redressed. And I hope you open your heart big enough to give him a second chance."

Edith's face shifted into a taut expression as she looked at Rufus, telling him that she was serious.

"This is your life and at the end of the day, it's still up to you. But please, think about what I have just told you. As for me, I have chosen to stand by my daughter. As humans, we have our selfish moments, and we are entitled to them. That's how human nature is. I ask you to try to step into your father's shoes. I don't expect you to help him, but at least grant him the forgiveness that his soul seeks. Upon doing so, I can guarantee that you'll see the world in a whole new perspective."

Edith had said her piece about the past but still wanted to remind the lovers before her.

"I wish you both well, and that you'll treasure every memory that you create together, may it be big or small. Live your lives in a way that will warm your hearts. Rufus, I know we never get the chance to get to know each other better, but I trust my daughter, and I believe that the man she's with is an outstanding person. I also hope that my son-in-law can get over his grudges."

Giving her beloved daughter a playful wink, Edith turned and left the room.

Cassandra felt very uplifted at that certain moment, like she could do anything because her heart was clear of sadness and worries.

'You can do it, Cassandra! Keep fighting for what your soul believes in!' she cheered herself up inside.

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