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   Chapter 508 It's Not the Same

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The look on Rufus's face instantly turned dark with his gritted teeth and ice-cold eyes.

Attempting to placate him, Cassandra instinctively raised both of her hands, looking at him worriedly—she didn't want Rufus to be angry at her for bringing his father up.

"You promised you wouldn't be mad! Don't break that promise!" she said, slightly pouting, staring at Rufus intensely.

Though she was well aware that it was a rather sore spot for him, she really didn't want to fight with him—she only thought it was right to tell him what she truly thought. Knowing his temper, she had to be soft, like a spoiled child, to avoid him lashing out on her.

Doing his best to contain the anger boiling inside him, Rufus couldn't help but get more aggravated as the woman kept trying to convince him on the matter.

Gently biting down on her lip, Cassandra hesitated for a moment before daring to speak again.

"I just…I don't understand, Rufus. He's still your family. He's had his faults. I'm not excusing that. But he seems willing to change and to make it up to you. Why don't you give him a chance? My family had arranged my marriage with Lionel without my consent. I can't say that I didn't hold a grudge against them for that. But you see, it's all in the past, and we're good now, aren't we? I think you'll regret it if you don't do the same."

In an attempt to soothe him, Cassandra slowly reached her hand out to put it on Rufus's shoulder, kneading the tense muscle there, waiting for him to relax.

Whenever Horace was brought up in their conversation, Rufus would get guarded and tense, like on instinct. It never failed to make Cassandra nervous every time they had to talk about his father.

But this was something that inevitably needed to be solved, better sooner than later. Horace's condition was deteriorating. Having been ill for quite a long time, he probably wouldn't last very long, and Cassandra didn't want Rufus to have any regrets in the future. For Horace's sake, she didn't want him to take his last breath without having patched things up with his son.

"My hatred is different from yours.

You can't treat it like the same thing," Rufus explained calmly, remembering his promise to contain his anger. It was a difficult matter, but he didn't want to lash out on her. Cassandra was innocent, and she had nothing to do with what he had suffered under his father.

Of course, he was well aware that Cassandra only wanted what was best for him. But he had been living in hatred for so many years—he couldn't just let it go. His hatred for his father had become his drive to get stronger and more powerful, something like a habit he just couldn't break out of.

"You're being ridiculous, Rufus. It's not hatred. You shouldn't hate your own family.

You just haven't had the chance to reconcile," Cassandra explained gently, crouching down beside him. Putting her hands on his knees, she looked up at him with earnest eyes.

"You only got used to it because your mother had been lying to you the whole time and kept the fact that your father is still alive from you. You feel that it's unfair that your mother g

er under control for a while, she was going too far. Why did she have to push him?

"You know that I just want the best for you, Rufus."

Helplessly, she sighed deeply. It seemed she was running out of ways to speak to him.

"If you really want what's best for me and both of us, you shouldn't have even mentioned this!"

With that, Rufus abruptly stood up. Cassandra, who had been crouching beside him, got off balance and fell back.

"Ouch!" she cried out, startled.

For a moment, Rufus froze before he bent down to help her up. At that moment, the door swung open.

Edith walked in unannounced, having heard that the two were arguing from outside. Though she had been hesitating about whether or not she should intervene, Cassandra's cry got her worried. Without a second thought, she burst into the room.

Fast as a bullet, Edith rushed to Cassandra's side to help her up and check for any injuries.

"Cassandra, are you hurt?" She looked at her daughter with a deep frown, worried.

Looking her up and down, there didn't seem to be anything wrong.

"No, Mom. I'm alright. It was my fault," Cassandra immediately explained.

The last thing she needed was another misunderstanding.

With that, Edith was assured, at the very least.

"You almost gave me a heart attack! What's wrong with the two of you? I could hear you arguing from outside. What, Rufus? Are you going to hurt Cassandra while I'm here?" she taunted.

Of course, she was entirely on Cassandra's side, focusing her anger on the man.

Surprised by her anger, Rufus was quick to explain, "Of course not, Auntie! You misunderstood…we were just arguing over small things. I would never hurt her intentionally. I just got a bit carried away now, that's all. It was my fault!"

It would've been unwise for Rufus to get on Edith's bad side—he wanted to marry Cassandra, after all.

"Of course, it's your fault! I was right outside, and I heard how you two were shouting at each other. I still don't know the full story, but I get the idea. I could give you some advice, Rufus, if you want," she offered.

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