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   Chapter 506 Please Don't Get Mad (Part One)

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The perfectly-sculptured eyebrows of the petite woman instantly twitched. Unconsciously, she had already pouted her tiny lips, showing grumpiness. It was funny that Rufus was tickled by her adorable actions, instead of being tired of, like the other typical men. 'I can't believe that I'm so into this woman. Am I still sane?' he asked himself foolishly.

Laughing at the back of mind due to Cassandra's childishness, Rufus pinched her twitched eyebrows that almost joined as a line, gently massaged them, and separated them. This indeed made her sulking subside. As he saw how Cassandra's face lightened, his fingers glided down to her delicate cheeks and started to caress them. 'So clever, how could you have eased my mood right away!' the little woman wondered while looking intently into his eyes as if they could talk telepathically.

The firm gaze brought chills to Rufus's nerves and he could definitely feel it. He immediately looked away as he remembered what he had to tell her. A heavy sigh escaped from him, along with a weak smile. "Those moments were the hidden miseries of mine. The illness of my mother had out-powered her. Thus, our last resort was to leave G City to find her the best medical treatment. While I had kept eyes on my mother, my foolish self hadn't even thought that there was a little girl who was waiting for me here. I would have tried to come back as soon as I could if I had known. Silly me, right?" he chuckled.

The soft yet masculine laughter of this man was as heartwarming as the sunrise and sunset to Cassandra. This charm had always been his asset in contrast to the aggressiveness of other men. The uniqueness of this man in dealing with conflicts must have come from his own experiences. The man in front of her now was humble, gentle, and caring. Cassandra couldn't compare him to the man who always had a repellent power in front of people.

From an uproariously seething-like mood, Cassandra slowly calmed down her temper. Rufus's confession leveled down the surging storm but brought an impending gloomy reminiscence and tears.

"Isn't it more important that even after such a long procession of years, our end is where it al

entually turned oppositely as the tension arose. The arousing sounds engraved each inch of the room as their kindling feelings synchronized.

The silently breathtaking scenery the next morning replaced the pandemonium last night. The couple woke up just in time as if it were the best day of their lives.

As they pulled the curtain aside, they were greeted by the long night's heavy snow which brought a purely whitish dominant vast expanse and coldness, making the two hesitant to go outside. It was indeed a northern scenery!

"Yikes! I think it's not a good idea to go out today. The car won't easily get through," Cassandra snapped.

A silly thought crossed Rufus's mind to allay their annoyance. "I love you, Cassandra!" he shouted and it made the lady turn at him with a sweet smile.

"Are you feeling better now?" Rufus asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and nibbled her neck. "Isn't it better to take a day off, darling? It's too cold. We should cuddle up to get warm," he teased. It seemed that the last night's show was not yet over.

"Didn't you smell something? I think breakfast is almost ready. And oh! It's omelet! That makes me hungry," Cassandra quickly said and slipped out from Rufus's hug to the door.

A bitter thought prevailed in Rufus's mind, leading him to took a deep breath to tone himself down.

The jolly old woman was busy setting the table and barely noticed the two entering the dining area.

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