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   Chapter 505 Reading Her Diary

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A lovers' banter had begun between Cassandra and Rufus. It would be safe to say that it was one of the ways they bonded. Cassandra blankly stared right into Rufus's eyes, causing the man to feel uncomfortable.

"Why do you always do that? You know, challenge me? I don't see you treat your mother the same way."

"Honey, that is such a weird comparison. She is my mom, and you're you. That's totally different," Cassandra blurted back.

"But I am your child's father!"

Rufus responded defensively, refusing to lose against his woman.

The air suddenly shifted. Cassandra was silent, upset upon the mention of their child.

"I'm very sorry. Forgive me. I know it was totally wrong of me to bring this up,"

he apologized full-heartedly. It was obviously a sore subject for the two—the child that they had lost, most especially, for Cassandra. She had always dreamed of becoming a mother herself, and losing their child was one of the lowest points of her life. Rufus let out a sigh, reminding himself mentally to never make the same mistake again.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but…you, the TY Group's big boss, have just apologized to this little lady right in front of you? You should have seen the look on your face,"

Cassandra playfully said, as if reassuring Rufus that she was fine and that he was forgiven. She had her head tilted to one side, teasing him some more.

"Don't push your luck!"

Rufus thought that responding in an annoyed tone was the way to go. Only a few people dared to challenge his boundaries, and Cassandra was one of them.

The two of them were already at that particular point in a relationship where they did not keep secrets from each other. They knew everything about each other. However, Rufus liked to keep a few of his intimidating qualities at times, even in front of Cassandra.

"You're so stubborn! Can you imagine? This big shot company man gets mad at a woman like me! How would people react to that if they find out?"

Cassandra was indeed pushing her luck, and Rufus knew what she was doing. He couldn't help but smile at her actions. He would have never won that argument from the get-go, and he had always known that for a fact. But he was okay with that.


Cassandra exclaimed as the two of them had just begun scrambling playfully.

As Rufus pushed her down, Cassandra's back hit something very hard on the edges.

"What's wrong?" he asked, quickly getting off the little woman, whose face twisted in different directions due to the pain.

"I think there was something on the bed, and now my back hurts."

She stretched her hand far back and found the culprit. It was a book.

"The next time you take some of my books to read, please put them back in place. It hurt my back!" Cassandra didn't hesitate to express her slight anger with the situation.

She sat up properly and be

. Cloris is ill. Dad and mom were focused on her alone, they even tried to coax her into eating some more. She had their full attention, as always. I thought it was better for me to hide my good appetite in front of Cloris, as it would frustrate her otherwise. But it doesn't matter. If I'm going to be hungry at night, I can just eat some bread. I went back to my room and talked to my unicorn. I think I feel a lot better now!"

"I'm writing in my diary. What is he doing now? It's late. Is he asleep at this very moment? Or does he have his own diary just like me? I wonder if he's ever written about me."

"I can't stop thinking about the unicorn boy. Does he even remember me? If I get the chance to see him again one day, I would thank him for helping me get this unicorn from the claw machine. I like it so much!"

Rufus found out that Cassandra wrote about 'the unicorn boy' in almost every page of her diary. He was deeply moved by the feelings she had for him as a teenager.

Rufus, with smiling eyes and a warm heart, glanced at Cassandra who just came out of shower and was now staring at him in annoyance. She had no idea that her little girlhood secrets had already been revealed.

At present, Cassandra was seated on the bed, clutching her diary with her, annoyed at Rufus's casualness.

She felt so embarrassed knowing that Rufus had read all those naive things that she had written.

What would Rufus think now that he knew what she was like in the past?

The more Cassandra thought about it, the more it freaked her out.

Rufus was quick to notice that his woman was getting upset, so he sat up with her and tried to cheer her up.

"Do you want to hear a story called 'The Unicorn Boy?"

Rufus teasingly asked, scooting closer to Cassandra.

"Leave me alone. I'm not interested,"

she responded coldly, turning her back against him. Cassandra's anger was there to stay.

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