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   Chapter 504 The Baby Issue

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"No, Rufus is part of the family now! You said yes, right? I'm not that dense. There's no point to hide it from me, you know! I'm just so happy for you!"

Edith exclaimed, flicking Cassandra's forehead. She beamed brightly at her daughter, eyes crinkling in excitement.

Edith initially wasn't in the mood to talk to Cassandra and Rufus about their wedding because of what happened to Cloris. However, with the supper that they had just enjoyed, she was able to know Rufus a little more than before, later on realizing how much she liked this nice, young man.

"My dear, darling daughter, you need to take care of yourself! It's just the right time for the two of you to tie the knot. Oh! I pray that you'd be blessed with so many children! I can't wait to see my grandkids!"

Edith said excitedly, embarrassing Cassandra with her sudden forwardness.

"M-Mom! Please, stop! We haven't even married yet! Don't you think it's still too early to talk about babies?"

Cassandra tried to argue. Her face was bright red from embarrassment, even affecting the tips of her ears.

"Oh, come no! Don't be silly! You've lived with Rufus for a long time already. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that you're pregnant now! Marriage means that you've decided to start a family. Families, my dear daughter, need babies! There's no need to wait! Darling! You need to get pregnant soon, while I'm still young! I'm so excited! I can't wait to hold my little grandchildren in my arms!"

Edith gushed loudly, overcome with happiness and enthusiasm. The wedding would give her something else to busy herself with. It was only right, after all, that they planned for the wedding because Cassandra was the older sister and she had to get married first. Now that her eldest was ready to walk down the aisle, Edith was ecstatic over the next few months to come.

Cassandra, on the other hand, never expected her mother to be this keen on having grandkids. 'Doesn't she realize how embarrassing it is to talk about that matter in front of Rufus?' Cassandra only wished she could stop time to keep her mother from embarrassing her more.

She then stole a glance at Rufus, and Cassandra only wanted to crawl and hide. Rufus was trying to hide that mischievous smirk popping up at the corner of his mouth.

To be honest, Rufus was actually very happy with what he was hearing. It seemed that he had got her mother's approval. That meant that they could have the wedding soon.

"Well! It's getting late now, isn't it? Thank you for your company, you two. Get to bed, and I can clean the kitchen up myself!" Edith said joyously.

She stood to clear the table, but Cassandra got up herself and assisted her mother.

As they put the dinnerware in the sink, Cassandra began to wash them while Edith went to clean the oven. Seeing as though they had everything under control, Rufus went back to Cassandra's room to rest.

"Cassandra," Edith called, and Cassandra looked up from the sink towards her mother who was still cleaning the oven. "I'm not joking. It's the best time to start a family. It's good to have children before you're thirty. It'll be a good age for both you and your child."

Cassandra noticed that Edith wouldn't drop the topic. It seemed that her mother found a new

n, taking her chin with his hand.

Cassandra's face was brought up closer to him, wearing a deep shade of red.

There were tears brimming Cassandra's eyelashes. It annoyed Rufus because he didn't know what he did wrong.

"I just remembered something. It's none of your business,"

Cassandra spat, throwing her head back away from his grasp. She was in pain; whenever people around her talked about babies and children, all she could think about was the one she had lost.

"Just go, please..."

Cassandra whispered, wanting to be alone. Rufus held onto her tightly and wrapped his arms around her.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong. You know, you can tell me anything."

Rufus held her in his arms tighter, and Cassandra choked back on her tears.

He assumed that what might have been bothering Cassandra had something to do with the baby, but he didn't want to mention it. He didn't want to break her heart.

"Rufus. Do you believe me, that the baby's father wasn't Lionel?"

Cassandra asked in between sobs. It was the first time they discussed it openly like this; their conversations always ended with arguments before.

It had turned into a forbidden topic between the two of them, because they knew that it would only lead to another fight.

"Of course I believe you. I believe every word you said to me. I know I'm the father, and I have never doubted it," Rufus reassured her.

He was quite sure about it, too. He didn't believe Amanda. He knew Cassandra would never cheat on him.

Although Cassandra had married Lionel, he knew that she had never considered Lionel as a husband. There would be no reason for them to copulate if they despised each other.

"How can you trust me?"

Cassandra turned, smiling sadly in response to what he said.

"What if I did cheat on you..."

Rufus immediately flipped over and got on top of the little woman, interrupting her from her train of thought. Cassandra yelped.

"Oh, I know you. You wouldn't dare," Rufus mocked.

Cassandra felt his hot breath against her skin, making her heart pump faster. Rufus looked at her and let out a mischievous smile. Cassandra could melt from the heat of his gaze.

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