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   Chapter 503 He Was An Outsider

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With the feast prepared before them, Cassandra and Rufus together with Edith gathered around the table and shared a sumptuous hot pot while chatting happily.

As they were eating, Edith put some dishes on the plate and handed it to Cassandra. With that, she said lovingly, "Cassandra, you should eat more. You are so skinny."

Looking at her daughter's figure, Edith was worried about Cassandra. The girl had lost a lot of weight this year as she was busy with her work coupled with the things that had happened lately. While most women were obsessed with losing weight, Edith wanted her dear daughter to put on some weight.

"Yeah, listen to your mother, Cassandra. You should eat more,"

with the desire to encourage his fiancee, Rufus seconded and emphasized Edith's words. He too was worried about Cassandra. Thus he reached out to help Cassandra get some meat dishes, making the food in front of her piled up.

Overwhelmed by their show of concern, Cassandra burst into laughter. She looked at Edith and then Rufus with teary and thankful eyes. She thought that she was so blessed to have them both with her and believed that she couldn't make it without them.

"This is too much. How am I supposed to eat all of them?!"

Complaining, Cassandra still felt warm as she munched on the pieces of meat that were on her plate.

It was every woman's dream to be loved by her family and her lover. From the way she was treated by Edith and Rufus now, Cassandra couldn't ask for anything more. She was just thankful for everything that happened in her life, despite all the odds.

It was snowing harder and harder outside and the temperature was gradually getting low up to the point of freezing. Cassandra, however, felt a wave of warmth in her heart.

"What a pity that Cloris hasn't recovered yet. I wish she and your father could be here with us too!"

Joining them by the fireplace in the living room, Edith sighed with disappointment, her eyes gloomy while holding a cup of tea on her hand.

Seeing the gloomy expression on Edith's face, Rufus met Cassandra's gaze then he said, "Auntie, I asked my friend earlier today. He told me that Cloris was doing great and her brain wave activity was much more active this time. I believe Cloris will recover soon. Please don't worry about her!"

Rufus smiled at Edith, trying to cheer her up.

"Mother, at least Rufus and I are here with you. Please don't be upset. How about we visit father in the next few days?"

To console her mother, Cassandra wrapped her arms around Edith's neck, acting like a spoiled child. Actually, she seldom did such thing as being showy towards what she felt for her mother. It was more of Cloris's thing being the youngest child she was.

The sudden embrace surprised Edith too. Cassandra had always been very independent. She never did such things when facing her parents until today.

Comforted by her child's warmth, a smile was shown on Edith's face. She was more secured and comfortable with Cassandra snuggling with her right now.

Sensing her mothe

chatterbox and would not stop easily now that she was talking something she was interested in.

'Take that, Rufus!' thinking silently, Cassandra was amused.

She could finally have a chance to enjoy her food now since Edith's attention was on Rufus.

While listening to Edith, Rufus kept smiling, his gaze fixed on her. He would discuss with her from time to time but most of the time, he was a listener. Edith enjoyed her moment. She was talking so excitedly that her face blushed.

When Edith finally finished her speech, Cassandra was full and had emptied her plate.

"Mother, I believe he will consider your opinion. Am I right, Rufus?"

When she said the last sentence, Cassandra lifted up her chin and stared at Rufus, forcing him to agree.

"Sure! Auntie's opinions are quite good, actually. I will definitely pass on those to the manager,"

brimming with confidence Rufus said while nodding his head. He then took out the cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number, assigning the task to the manager in the TY Entertainment.

Knowing that it was just a mock-up, Cassandra was amused. It seemed like this program actually existed judging by the way how Rufus acted.

"Isn't it a great idea? I don't need to stay at home all the time! I believe this show would help me in recovering. My daily routine is cooking and cleaning the house, which is so boring. I always tell Cassandra that it isn't bad for me to take part in some activities and make new friends. But she is always worried about me and asks me to stay at home."

Finishing her statement, Edith smiled at Rufus as she complained about Cassandra. She was grinning from ear to ear.

'Rufus is such a great son-in-law!' Edith thought.

With a silly grin, Cassandra stuck her tongue out and grabbed Edith's arm.

"Mother, he is just an 'outsider.' You should be helping your own daughter!"

acting like a spoiled child, Cassandra said while nudging her mother's side. As long as Edith was happy, she could do anything for her to stay that way.

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