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   Chapter 502 Lionel Showed Up Unexpectedly (Part Two)

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he ordered in an unpleasant voice. It was beyond his imagination and he couldn't believe that there would be such an idiot who was willing to fill up the pit. That person must be out of mind.

Fed by his curiosity, Rufus was interested to see who the man was! Right now his mind was occupied by the identity of the mysterious investor and what his intentions were for the company. Entertaining the thoughts in mind, Rufus couldn't help but frown as he couldn't find any solid reasons at all. Thus, he wasn't able to notice that it was already getting late.

When it was time to get off work, Rufus decided to send Cassandra to her mother's place himself and if possible, he would stay there too. It was hard for him to fall asleep alone.

He felt that his anger was gradually fading away by the thought of holding the little woman into his arms.

However, his good mood didn't last long. His face turned cold again when he saw the mess in front of Cassandra's studio, especially when he learned who had created such havoc out there.

"What's going on here?"

entering her office, he asked directly and got grumpy as he watched Cassandra walked to greet him.

"Lionel brought them here early this afternoon and refused to take them back. I've called someone to clean them up, but they didn't come yet," she explained briskly.

With a glum and helpless expression, Cassandra also turned to look at the mess and shrugged her shoulders.

"Why did he come for this? What did he say to you?"

puzzled, Rufus asked sourly as he switched his eyes from the flowers to Cassandra.

"I don't care what he said to me, and I didn't even let him come inside. He quarreled with me and left this mess here. Oh, he threatened me, but I ignored him!"

Careful with her words, Cassandra thought that Rufus was going to be jealous. She hurriedly stepped forward, held his hand, and acted coquettishly.

But Rufus was thinking of t

cruel for my mother if we spill the news right now,"

with a desolate voice, Cassandra said apologetically and the truth was that even she didn't have the mood to get married under such a circumstance.

But Rufus's heart was sinking at a loss, and he kept silence the rest of the way.

When the two of them arrived at the Qin House, it began to snow.

"Come on in! Hurry up! It's freezing outside!" Edith urged them at the door.

Seeing their car approach by the driveway, Edith opened the gate the moment she saw the headlight flashing.

Subsequently, Rufus parked the car, got off and ran inside holding Cassandra's hand, as a blast of hot air swept over their faces.

"We're going to eat hotspot tonight! It's great to have Rufus here! The more, the better!" Edith shouted excitedly.

It was obvious that she was cheered up by the Rufus's presence this evening.

When Cassandra and Rufus entered the dining hall, they were surprised to find what was before their eyes.

There were neatly cut muttons and slices of beef, green and fresh vegetables and all kinds of other foods, which made their mouths watered immediately.

"I've waited long for you Cassandra! You're lucky to get home before it snows heavily!" Edith exclaimed as she gestured them to sit down.

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