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   Chapter 501 Lionel Showed Up Unexpectedly (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-08-11 23:17

Pushing slightly the swivel chair behind her, Cassandra stood up in no hurry and looked outside through the window of her office.

Seeing that there was a row of flower baskets behind Lionel and the flowers were a feast in the eye as they were in full bloom, Cassandra knew that something was not right here.

With all that, she was aware that Lionel was coming here bringing no good intentions at all. Her studio had been launched for several days now and the reason why he would come without invitation today was unknown to Cassandra. She was afraid that he wanted to mess things up rather than congratulate her.

Ironically, she was left with no choice but to face him anyway. Seeing that he was approaching, she walked outside and stopped a few steps away from him with no special emotions on her face.

"Thank you for coming over, Mr. Tang, but I'm afraid that you've made a mistake. Today is not the first day we opened to the public and it's not proper for me to accept the opening gifts. Please take them with you and thank you for coming again!"

Knowing the man, Cassandra would never accept anything from Lionel, and she still remembered every word he said to her when he thought that she was the one who framed him up.

All her life, Cassandra was known to be a nice person but it didn't mean that she could just tolerate a man with no sense of gratitude. Since she had decided not to be nice to him, she wouldn't waste any time with him anymore.

Besides, Cassandra was still holding grudges against him because of the things he did to Lyndsy.

"I remember that you're always regardless of trivial matters. I've come here today to show my sincerity!"

Showing her the gifts, Lionel forced himself to smile. But deep in his heart, he wished that he could kick both Cassandra and Rufus away from here.

"Thank you for saying so, Mr. Tang. But I don't think we're that close enough, so excuse me for

At the same time, Cassandra was watching him from behind the curtain. She heaved a deep sigh as she looked at the mess in front of her office.

All this time, she had naively thought that the Tang Family had been out of her life for good, but Lionel kept showing up, and she realized that the peaceful life she dreamt of would appear to be impossible. The thought was quite annoying for her.

Just today, she had witnessed how narrow-minded Lionel was with her own eyes. She suddenly felt afraid for what more he would do to ruin her life with Rufus.

Meanwhile, inside Rufus's office, he was watching the news with a long face.

It said that the Tang Group had received a capital injection from a foreign investor and now all its business prospects had been resumed.

In the news, Lionel was interviewed by the reporters. He was so elated that he almost had his nose in the air, priding himself on the company's recent achievements. On the contrary, Rufus's face was harsh and serious as he was staring at the bright smile on Lionel's face coldly.

The Tang Group was on the edge of going broke, and the investor must be blind if he dared to throw his money into this bottomless pit.

"Victor, I need you to look into who has invested the Tang Group! Right away!"

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