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   Chapter 500 Lionel's Good News

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Chester was pleased to see Horace look this embarrassed.

It seemed that Rufus didn't go easy on his father, going so far to scorn Horace to the public eye.

"I hope Mr. Tang won't get angry with me. I was just trying to help. I didn't mean to get involved in your personal business,"

Chester said, feigning his sincerity and apologizing to him. But he knew that Horace wouldn't dare to show his anger even if he was offended.

"Mr. Cheng, don't worry about that. It's just that my son and I aren't that close. But we are still family. I'm sure he'll come around,"

Horace said, deflecting the conversation. He paced around.

"Well then. Mr. Tang, what do think of this place?"

Chester asked, understanding that he had to change the topic. His scar moved against his skin as he smiled widely.

Horace took a more thorough look at the old, dilapidated house. It was so far away from civilization. Every part of the house reminded him of its antiquated age.

If Horace was the one to decide, he would never pick a run-down place like this one.

However, Horace refrained from expressing his dissatisfaction. He had to be polite, because the man he was speaking to was his source of money.

"I know that you want to keep a low profile. I think this elegant place has a lot of charm. It's beautiful,"

Horace said carefully, tongue loose enough to give compliments to his sugar daddy.

Chester was laughing in his head, but he managed to keep his face stern.

He could clearly sense Horace's contempt with this house. Even if he tried so hard to hide it. 'This dumb bumpkin has zero taste. Doesn't he know that the major of G City lives next door?

Oh, wait. Maybe it's because he's getting old!' Chester sneered to himself.

Cloris hadn't woken up yet. She looked just like the Sleeping Beauty in the castle, living so deep inside her dreams.

Edith made a point to talk to her every single day, updating her on family gossip and reading the newspaper for her, in hopes that any time soon, Cloris would wake up. But Cloris still did not respond at all.

Cassandra was helpless. She didn't know what to do next. She had already asked every expert she could get in touch with from Rufus's connections, but none of them were able to provide any foolproof and effective therapy.

She worried that poor Cloris was really going to spend the rest of her life on her bed. Edith would lose it if that was the case.

"How can we get her to wake up?"

Cassandra asked, looking expectantly at Rufus. He had also just got off the phone, consulting with foreign experts.

"This one suggested to take her abroad. There, she'll get better treatment. He used to be my mother's doctor,"

Rufus said calmly, but it made Cassandra's skin crawl.

'Rufus mother...hadn't she been bedridden for ten years? Will Cloris end up like that?

Mom would lose her mind if that happened, ' Cassandra thought to herself.

"I-I don't k

a nervously waiting for him by the door. Cassandra was looking at him with worrisome and expecting eyes. She looked like she had thousands of questions on her mind.

Rufus looked at her reassuringly.

"She said yes,"

he said lightly. Cassandra lit up almost immediately.

"Oh, thank god! How did you do it? Thank you, Rufus. Thank you!"

Cassandra exclaimed, ecstatic over the good news. She didn't think that Rufus would be able to fix this so easily. She was prepared to see her mother break down.

"How? Hmm...I just know how human beings are,"

Rufus quipped. Cassandra looked at him with wonder.

He didn't need to explain any further. After all, the only priority now was to cure Cloris. There was always another time to talk about these things.

"I should go take care of her visa and travel documents!"

Cassandra turned to leave at once. Her sister couldn't afford to wait a minute longer.

Rufus stared at Cassandra's receding figure. As soon as she left his sight, his eyes quickly turned dark and hazy.

Since Cloris left, Edith had spent most of her days waiting anxiously at home.

Cassandra came back home every single day to accompany her mother. She didn't care how much the traveling cost her, whether it was time or money. The ever-busy woman got up early and stayed until late. She disregarded her exhaustion as long as Edith could feel better.

Rufus started to feel lonely every time he woke up alone, without his dear fiancee beside him.

Everyone was waiting anxiously for good news of Cloris's recovery.

But the news they looked forward to seemed to take longer than usual.

One day, someone came to visit Cassandra out of the blue. "Cassandra! Congratulations! I wasn't able to come when it happened. Please accept this late gift!"

Cassandra could hear a familiar voice from outside. Her curiosity was piqued.

'Is that Lionel? What is he up to?' Cassandra thought, staring at the unexpected guest.

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