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   Chapter 498 Cloris Committed Suicide

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Cassandra looked at Rufus's smiling face, feeling her heart steady at the sight of her love in the morning light.

"Cassandra," Rufus whispered, "when will we have our wedding?"

Rufus couldn't wait for the day they wedded, even if Cassandra had just said yes to his proposal.

He was so excited to tell the world that Cassandra was now his.

Cassandra was taken aback. Was Rufus really this impatient?

"Well...I still have to inform my family: mother, father..."

Cassandra trailed off, now busying herself with who she still had to inform. She snapped out of her thoughts when Rufus flicked her forehead.

"Your mother has already agreed, and your father never objects to our relationship, right? Don't make excuses,"

Rufus chided, looking at Cassandra in the eye skeptically. Why was she acting like she was postponing the wedding?

Just as Cassandra was about to retort, the telephone rang. She quickly sat up and turned towards the bedside table, picking up the telephone to her ear. Edith's voice sounded distressed.

"Cassandra, please! Come to the hospital quickly! Cloris was poisoned by gas! They're taking her to the hospital now!"

The morning was suddenly filled with fear and worry. Cassandra was so frightened by the news she heard.

"Mom. Don't worry. I'm on my way,"

Cassandra said, hanging up before standing to run through the wardrobe.

"What is it? What happened?"

Rufus asked worriedly, standing as well as he walked towards the wardrobe.

"Cloris is being taken to the hospital. I have to go there now,"

Cassandra said, biting back the tears that dared to fall. Her face was paling in worry.

Rufus was shocked. It was obvious enough that whatever Arthur did to Cloris yesterday must have been too much.

Rufus went to his drawers and dressed quickly, before running downstairs.

Their clothes from last night were still scattered on the ground, but they had no time to put them away. Cassandra fumbled in the jacket pocket on the ground for her phone, finding that there were more than ten missed calls.

Edith had been calling her on her cellphone, too.

Cassandra couldn't help but blame herself. She should've always kept her phone beside her.

It had been bothering her since she received the telephone call. Rufus took her to the hospital without delay.

When they arrived, they found Edith standing by the door of the emergency room with swollen eyes. Her face was contorted in worry and her mouth held a tight frown.

"Mom, what happened? How did this happen?"

Cassandra didn't know what happened after she left. She saw Cloris g

r solution,"

he added, and Cassandra couldn't help but feel incredibly indebted as Rufus had done so many things for them in a short span of time.

"Rufus, I'm so thankful to have you. I wouldn't know what to do if I were all alone. Thank you, thank you so much,"

Cassandra said gratefully, sighing as she tried to let herself calm down.

"It's okay. When we're married, I'll be a member of your family. It's my duty to take care of all of you,"

Rufus teased to lighten the mood. He sat beside her and took her hand in his.

Cassandra found it strange that since he had proposed to her, his cold expression had disappeared. He was now the most affectionate and loving fiance.

"It's me. It's my fault. I'm to blame. Courtney was so miserable. I just wanted to help her. But I shouldn't have forced Cloris to apologize to her. I shouldn't have let Cloris go see Arthur. I've acted so carelessly. Arthur is just a dying man who desperately wants to drag everyone down with him. Cloris is too proud and arrogant to stand his attitude."

Cassandra felt even more apologetic as she recalled the dull, sad look in Cloris's eyes in the detention house yesterday.

"I'm such a bad sister. I didn't even notice Cloris's irregular behavior. I should have put myself in her place. I shouldn't have let her see Arthur. I shouldn't have let her see Courtney. She felt so guilty after visiting Courtney. She took things too hard. That's why she..."

Rufus immediately interrupted her, hushing her lips with his finger.

"Cassandra. Please. Don't talk like this. You can't blame yourself for everything. What happened has nothing to do with you. You can't control people,"

he interjected, smile quickly dying down from his face.

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