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   Chapter 495 Something Didn't Feel Right (Part Two)

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"Auntie Whitney, please. It's the least I can do to repay for your kindness. I am still so grateful for your generosity when the Qin Group was in need,"

Cassandra replied politely. She didn't want Whitney to feel like she owed her anything. She just wanted to help a childhood friend.

Whitney was also a woman with a sad past. Her father died when she was still very young. Her daughter was spiraling in and out of her own mind when she was supposed to be celebrating the best stage of her life. Even if she was rich and good to the other's eyes, Whitney couldn't help but feel bitter and lonely sometimes. She'd been through so much. Underneath all her beautiful, silky clothes, was a heart full of pain and scars. She always strove to do her best and protect the ones she loved, but she couldn't save her only daughter.

Maybe in some other people's mind, Whitney would always be the elegant role model in the highest echelon of society. But Cassandra could quickly see through it, through her pain. She knew what Whitney had been through.

After all, no matter how strong and tough she appeared to be, Whitney was also a woman who had her own struggles and her own pain. No one could ever truly understand.

As they waited for the treatment to end, they drank tea quietly. Cassandra glanced upstairs every now and then, not bothering to hide her worry.

Whitney as well, wasn't being herself. Even if she tried her best to act calm, her eyebrows were constantly strained in worry. Her hands seemed to be restless as they fumbled around with anything she could grasp.

Rufus watched and saw her every move, but decided against speaking.

It wouldn't help to tell the mother to calm down. She had a right to worry.

e this, too.

"I have to go back now. I'm going to the studio tomorrow. We'll be having visitors,"

Cassandra explained, hugging her mother goodbye. The Qin family home was far away from downtown, so it would be difficult for her to stay there. Just before she left, she glanced at Cloris's door worriedly, but made no effort to disturb her sister any longer.

It was best to give her some time alone to think everything through.

When Cassandra got home, it was already so late in the evening. The stars were all scattered on the night sky, shining brightly. She was greeted by the warmth of her home when she opened the door.

"You need to take better care of yourself. You're always so busy every day."

Rufus walked up to her, taking her bag out of her grasp. He opened the shoe cabinet to take her slippers out for her.

Cassandra looked at him questionably. She was not used to Rufus doing these little things for her. Usually, while Rufus also cared about her, he wouldn't notice the little details. Right now, he even knelt down before her and helped her put on her slippers. Why would he do this?

Something didn't feel right.

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