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   Chapter 494 Something Didn't Feel Right (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5981

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Cloris suddenly felt a chill rush down her spine. If Cassandra told their mother that she was the one who killed the rabbit, what would their mother say?

Was she going to get even angrier than the time she spilled coffee all over her dress? Would their mother punish her for doing such a despicable thing? Cloris absolutely hated the thought of being scolded again.

"Mom! Make her go away! Please! She'll beat me! She'll stone me! Just like she did with that rabbit!"

Cloris screamed without a second thought. She crept into Edith's arms and clung onto her tightly, tears quickly streaming down her face. She had to find a way to avoid getting scolded again.

Through her teary eyes, Cloris could see that Cassandra was frozen in place. She kept clinging onto Edith as she sobbed, eyes wide and innocent. It took a while before Edith finally realized what was happening.

The mother immediately turned to Cassandra.

"Cassandra! Go away. Leave. Now!"

Edith shouted at her elder daughter, voice shaking from anger and fear as if Cassandra was going to hit them with stones.

Cloris's mind was in a haze, her head spinning wild with fear and anxiety. She could feel Edith's wrath, that thankfully wasn't directed at her, but at her dear sister.

She couldn't remember exactly what happened next. She could only distinguish a few moments, like the time when Edith took her back to her room, bathed and clothed her.

Cloris was oblivious, but also a bit frightened too. She couldn't fully understand what she had done, nor what the consequences would be. She was afraid her mother would see right through her. She knew well enough that what she did wasn't right, but she was just too afraid to tell the truth.

"Baby girl, have a good night's sleep."

Cloris was exhaust


It was time for her to face her demons. She wouldn't be able to escape it this time.

Cloris followed the psychologist upstairs. Cassandra stood by the stairs, watching her back as it disappeared from her view. She couldn't help but worry about her sister.

Rufus slowly walked up from behind and embraced Cassandra.

"It'll be okay. Let her solve her own problems."

Rufus's low and gentle voice made Cassandra's beating heart calm down a lot. He took her hand and led her back to where Whitney was.

"Please, have a seat. I will ask someone to prepare some afternoon tea for us,"

Whitney said, a faint smile gracing her face, but not reaching her eyes. It was obvious that she was still worried about her daughter. Cassandra watched as Whitney shook her head, as if dismissing a thought, and smiling wider at her.

"Cassandra, thank you. You have done so many things for Courtney. I really don't know how to thank you anymore,"

Whitney said, brushing her skirt down as she sat on the sofa in front of them. She was deeply appreciative of Cassandra. She knew how much of a good girl Cassandra was. She was proud of herself for not believing those ridiculous rumors.

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