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   Chapter 493 A Twist Of Fate

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Cloris looked longingly at the little white rabbit that she wasn't allowed to hold. She was getting furious. Suddenly, she caught sight of her elder sister Cassandra, who stood by without any intention of helping her. She became more furious and decided to vent her anger on Cassandra.

"You get the rabbit for me! I want to play with it," she ordered.

Normally, she could get whatever she wanted from her sister no matter what. For example, if they were given the same amount of candy, Cloris would make a scene and Cassandra would just let her take whatever she liked.

Cloris was so used to getting whatever she wanted from her sister.

Their parents already loved and spoiled her to a degree. And she also had a sister who indulged her unreasonable requests without a shadow of complaint.

It was natural for Cloris to assume that if she asked, Cassandra would ask Courtney to give the rabbit to her. However, Cassandra's hesitation showed that for the first time, she might actually say no to Cloris.

"That's Courtney's rabbit. She doesn't want you to hold it. We can't force her,"

Cassandra said gently to Cloris, trying to tell her that it wasn't right to take what wasn't yours.

If it was Cassandra's rabbit, she would undoubtedly give it to Cloris when she asked for it. She shared everything she had with her sister but that didn't mean that she would condone it if Cloris wanted to take other people's things.

Cloris stared at Cassandra, her eyes full of anger and discontent.

She didn't expect that Cassandra would say no to her and take Courtney's side over hers.

A feeling of jealousy surged through her heart—she glowered.

"Humph! I'm gonna tell mom on you for bullying me!"

Cloris shrieked as she stalked away to find her mother.

Her mother Edith was still drinking coffee and talking with her friend Whitney. Cloris slowed her pace.

Cloris noticed that Edith had already changed out of her stained dress into a new one. She figured her mother was probably a bit annoyed with her for staining her dress in front of a guest.

If she told on her sister in front of her mother and her guest while they were in the middle of a conversation, would that just anger her more?

Even though she knew very well how to get on her mother's good side, she still didn't want to take the risk of setting off her mother's temper.

As Cloris

Cloris sat numbly on the ground. She saw blood on the stone and on her white dress.

"Whaaaaaa !"

Cloris felt a mixture of fear and grief. Overwhelmed, she began to cry.

She blamed her sister for not siding with her—Cassandra chose to play with Courtney instead when she knew very well how much Cloris wanted the rabbit.

Even as a child, Cloris knew how to deflect blame and wash her hands clean of the crime. Self-reflection was something she never did and never wanted to do.

It was completely normal to find difficulty in admitting mistakes and Cloris was obviously having trouble with that.

Edith and Whitney ran out of the drawing room when they heard the screaming and crying.

"Cassandra! What are you doing?"

Edith exclaimed when she saw Cassandra holding the stone stained with blood and Cloris sitting on the ground with her dress stained with blood. She was so scared that her heart almost stopped beating.

Cloris cried, even more when she saw her mother. She stretched out her hands to be held, her eyes filled with fear.

"Honey, are you okay? Did your sister hurt you?"

Edith crouched down and examined Cloris. Cloris wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and started bawling.

Edith held up Cloris and carried her back to the house.

Cloris eventually calmed down and stopped crying. She eyed Cassandra still standing there with the stone in her hand.

Still at a loss, Cassandra saw her mother hold her young sister and walk way. She wanted to say something but didn't know what she was supposed to say. Finally, she called, "Mom..."

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