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   Chapter 492 Facing Reminiscence

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Cloris's pale face seemed to brighten a little because of Whitney's words.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but nothing came out. Then she followed the psychologist upstairs.


Cassandra shouted suddenly. The psychologist and Cloris stopped and turned their heads.

She walked up to them, reached to the bottom of her bag and pulled out a painting. She gave it to Cloris.

"Cloris, Courtney painted this. She's still traumatized and suffering from her illness. She still hasn't recovered. I am not making troubles for you or forcing you to apologize to her. However, if you have done something wrong, you need to admit it and correct it so that we can have a clear conscience."

Cassandra looked at her biological sister. Cloris looked so much like her. Not only their eyes and brows were alike, but their height and figure were cut from the same cloth.

Cassandra hoped that Cloris could help Courtney from getting rid of those painful memories. She wondered whether this painting could move Cloris and help her sympathize with Courtney even more.

Cloris took the painting from Cassandra. Although she looked very calm, her shaky hands betrayed her. She was nervous.

Cassandra could tell Cloris was getting anxious. She grabbed Cloris's hands and said, "Don't be nervous. Sooner or later, we have to face this. So why don't we just get it over with? The sooner we settle this, the sooner we'll feel relieved."

Cassandra was implying something. She was not only talking about Courtney, but also referring to Arthur. Cloris understood what she meant right away.

She opened the painting slowly. The combination of green and bloody red struck Cloris.

It was so familiar to Cloris and it brought back a lot of memories. She had kept this secret for so many years and had never talked to others about this. She could never forget what happened that day.

As far back as Cloris could remember, Cassandra was always a jolly child. No matter who she was talking to, Cassandra was always the sweet girl with the polite smile. She had always been likable.

Therefore, since Cloris was a little child, she understood that if she wanted more attention from her parents, she needed to be more adorable than Cassandra. And when necessary, she needed to act like a spoiled child.

Maybe this was a mammal's nature. A tiger would love her cub that was more easy to

appearance. Now that her expensive dress was stained, she must be feeling upset.

Cloris looked at Whitney and then looked at Edith. She understood that no matter what she did today, she wasn't going to get the attention she wanted so it was probably better if she just left.

She then stood up and walked out of the living room. She stood on the hallway and watched Cassandra and Courtney having fun in the meadow.

Cloris took a deep breath before she walked to Cassandra and Courtney. She said sweetly as she could, "What are you doing? Can I join you?"

Cassandra and Courtney were surprised by Cloris. They remained frozen, not knowing how to respond.

Courtney's first reaction was to hold the bunny tightly in her arms. Her guard went up the moment she saw Cloris. She didn't want her bunny to be taken away by Cloris.

Cloris noticed the bunny in Courtney's arms. She was meek and cute. Her red eyes looked like cherries. And her pure white skin struck Cloris.

"This bunny is so adorable! Can I touch her?"

Without waiting for any response, Cloris stretched out her hand and reached for the bunny. But Courtney dodged her, alert.

"My father bought me this!"

Cloris was annoyed by Courtney. 'Why is she being so protective of it? Why is she being so selfish?' she wondered to herself.

"I just want to hug her. I want to join you two! I want to play too!" Cloris pouted.

She felt jealous. She tried to catch the bunny again. But Courtney turned around and ran away. She was now at the corner in the courtyard, guarding her bunny as she held it tightly in her arms.

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