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   Chapter 491 Making An Apology

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Despite the light make-up that brightened her look, Cloris blanched and had her face twitched and paled in an instant. It seemed that Arthur's cruel words had struck her awake from her fantasies.

'Why do I keep loving such a fellow so much? Will he have the same devoted love for me?' she couldn't help asking herself.

Fondness had already gone out of Arthur's eyes. What she could only find in his stares were pure cruelty and disdain. No love nor even a slight concern for her at all.

With these thoughts in mind, she was shattered. The happy and memorable times they shared in the past started to flash through her mind helplessly. The more she reminisced about the love-filled memories, the more bitter and helpless she felt deep inside.

As a lump of disdain formed inside her, Cloris felt she couldn't think, couldn't move, and as if her world crashed in an instant. On the contrary, Arthur just began to stride right outside, not minding what she felt, nor even asking if she was okay or not.

After the man's back faded out of sight, Cassandra shifted her eyes to Cloris who was standing feebly there and an emotionless mask had covered her face. She knew that the girl was hurt and must feel humiliated at the moment.

"Cloris, come on, let's get out of here!"

Patting Cloris's shoulder gently and guiding her to the way out, Cassandra said softly.

Thankful for her show of concern, Cloris's blank eyes began to focus on Cassandra. With a bitter smile curled up over her lips, she uttered, "Why is he so cruel to me?"

While asking the question, Cloris felt she was pierced to the heart. Compared to the pain Arthur sent to her today, the desolation she had suffered due to their first break-up seemed to have fallen into insignificance.

Moreover, Cloris felt like she was heartbroken last time when he said that he loved her no more, and today, apart from the lost fondness for her, he did bear spite toward her due to her inability to help him out. The once-great pain that Cloris bore was added another pile more. She thought that she didn't deserve all these pains, but she had to put up with all of these in one way or another.

Walking blankly out, led by Cassandra, Cloris was lost and still unable to defend herself against Arthur's unfair criticisms and judgments.

"Never mind him, let's go! I'll drive you home!"

Reaching out to put her arm around Cloris's shoulder to hug her closer, Cassandra steered her out of the place towards her car.

With all the thoughts in mind, Cloris had never felt her feet so heavy. She was so weak in the knees that she found it hard to walk and carry herself out.

She didn't know what she could do except being pulled away by Cassandra. She got on the car and leaned herself faintly on the backseat not minding everything around her.

Looking at the slumped figure on the backseat, Cassandra had no idea how to comfort her sister and thought she had to blame herself for it was she who took Cloris to see Arthur in the first place.

Pulling the car through the driveway, she was headed toward the Qin's ho

t could improve her situation instantly. But now, you see, she is far better and quite sober, I don't think hypnosis would work for her right now,"

stating the facts, Rufus replied, shaking his head helplessly.

At his reply, a resigned sigh escaped Cassandra's lips. She felt hopeless at the moment and wished that everything would just turn out right.

"Don't be so worried. The patient has been taking medicines and is relatively mentally stable. We will play it safe. I will talk to her first, and mention the name of Miss. Qin to her bit by bit, so that she won't be overwhelmed. Will that be okay?"

hearing their conversation at the side, the psychologist suggested. He remained calm and seemed quite positive about the situation.

Rufus reached out to hold the little woman's hand, pinching her fingertips playfully.

"Don't worry! This is what we have expected, isn't it?"

Facing her, Rufus soothed Cassandra with his gentle voice. He knew Cassandra had been distressed by this matter for long and it would be a good thing if this protracted matter could be finally settled today.

Meanwhile, Courtney was resting in her bedroom and Cloris began to follow the psychologist upstairs. They would be performing the treatment at Courtney's bedroom.

Passing by Whitney, Cloris suddenly paused and bowed deeply before Whitney as a sign of her respect for her.

In that manner, Cloris had her eyes closed, her two hands holding each other and placed before her while bowing respectfully before Whitney. She straightened up after three seconds.

"Mrs. Zheng, I am sorry,"

sincerely, Cloris apologized in a solemn and serene tone, which kind of gave a surprise to everyone present in the hall.

This was the first sound heard from her after entering the hall, a sincere apology which was hard to refuse.

It took a moment for Whitney to respond, as she didn't know what to do or say.

Seconds later, she recovered her composure, and nodded at Cloris slightly, "Go ahead, child! Whatever the result would be, I won't blame you!"

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