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   Chapter 490 Broken Up (Part Two)

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Cloris's suffering, as if she were indebted to her, had quite an effect but after more thought, Arthur was just getting the punishment he deserved.

Not only was he involved in commercial crimes, but he also seemed responsible to all the lives that were lost.

"Calm down, Cloris! Take a deep breath.

Please try to hold up your dignity," she reminded Cloris with a mild, almost regretful tone, as she patted her back.

"No…I'm willing to let go of my dignity, Cassandra! I'll sacrifice all I can for his freedom! Cassandra, listen, I'm not as strong as you. No matter how much I pretend to be, I'm not. If this were Rufus in Arthur's place today, can you imagine that? Can you be as cool as you are now? Your reaction would be even more furious! You would do your best to get him out, wouldn't you? Cassandra, please do something! Please help me!"

With her heart wholly set on Arthur, Cloris didn't seem to register Cassandra's words.

"Cloris, I don't know how to get him out. Let him tell you if there's a chance for him to get out of all these."

All she could do was persuade Cloris to face the naked, cruel reality. It was inevitable that he would receive a life sentence. Any chance of him walking out of there was a miracle.

"Cloris, there are so many other meaningful things in your life. Please don't waste all your treasured time on love. You can't even regard the things that happened between you two as love!

You heard what he said!" Cassandra finally spoke the truth, feeling utterly sorry for Cloris who seemed to have lost her mind completely.

Why would Arthu

! And your sister! She's been enjoying being a pet of mine. Look how good she is! She even came here to visit me in prison! Gosh, you're really killing me!"

At this point, Arthur had clearly gone crazy. He had no idea that he was barking off about like a mad dog.

Speechless, Cloris's hands slipped off from Cassandra's as her tears ran down her cheeks freely.

There was no trace of life on her, save for her aching heart. Everything else was turning numb.

The hustle in her veins was gone, having calmed down the desperate need for this man.

Suddenly, it became clear to Cloris how ridiculous she had been. After seeing Arthur's true colors, she realized that he was not the man who smiled at her all that time. He didn't love her and he was only using her to attack her elder sister.

The man had been pursuing success by any kind of means he could find.

When he found out that he couldn't survive on his own, he would bring others down with him as well.

It would seem that a light in Cloris's heart was suddenly put out. And for good...

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