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   Chapter 489 Broken Up (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5714

Updated: 2019-08-06 21:08

Filled with mixed feelings of grief and worry, Cloris could've sworn that the whole sky was falling down on her.

As she stared at Arthur in disbelief, she had to hold her breath.

"Arthur…please don't talk like this. I know you didn't mean it. I know you were set up!" she practically yelled, trying to restrain her tears.

The thought that Arthur was angry with her because she didn't visit him sooner made her feel terrible.

Meanwhile, Cassandra shook her head with resignation next to Cloris and cracked a helpless smile.

'Cloris, love really is blind. Look at you! You've taken for granted the fact that he's still the only man you can think about. This man's feelings are like running water. They will never stop for you, ' she wondered to herself.

"Cloris, let me be straight with you. If you can promise to get me out of here, then we can talk. But if you can't, please just leave me alone and stop wasting your time here."

Ever since he had been thrown into prison where Clark seemed to have abandoned him, he'd decided to show his true colors. The chance of him getting out was too slim, so anyway, there was no more need for duplicity.

"Arthur, please don't say that. You're really breaking my heart… Don't you remember when you promised you would make me happy? When you said that you would cherish me forever? I thought you couldn't afford to lose me again?"

After everything, Cloris was still holding onto the hope that Arthur didn't want her to get into trouble. Looking at him squarely in the eyes, she was expecting him to return to his usual self and treat her like he used to.

Much to her dismay, Arthur had no desire to speak of love with Cloris with death knocking

ut of there safe and sound.

As she stared at him blankly, her lips quivered.

All of a sudden, she turned to Cassandra and grabbed her arms.

"Casandra, please! Please help me! Please get Arthur out of here! I can't live without him! Please help him get out of this place! I'll be at your service for the rest of my life! I'll do anything you ask me to do! I'm sorry for what I did to you before! It's all my fault. I shouldn't have hated you… Please, Cassandra…please! Please get Arthur out!"

As she got the last few words out, Cloris was already dissolved in a flood of tears, almost completely out of breath.

Seeing Arthur's movements and hearing what he just said, Cloris understood that this was it for him. If there were even a vestige of hope, he wouldn't be talking so ruthlessly.

Even if she learned that this man had never been honest with her, and he would never be unto death, in her heart, she still hoped that he could live. She still wanted to see him.

Basically rolling inside, Cassandra bit her lips and kept switching her eyes from Arthur to Cloris, not knowing what kind of expression she should wear.

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