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   Chapter 488 Visiting Arthur The Prisoner (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5569

Updated: 2019-08-06 00:12

Sweat began to break out on her forehead and in her palms.

In her nervousness, she suddenly reached out to take Cassandra's hand and unknowingly squeezed it, as if trying to cope with the strain she felt.

Cassandra could feel both her strength and uneasiness. She put her other hand on top of hers, and comforted her in a soft voice, "Don't worry, he's fine. You can ask him whatever you want to know later."

If it was in her control, Cassandra would drive all of Cloris's stress away and further push the truth away. But the most reasonable thing to do at the moment was accompany her sister and get her through it.

She needed to play her part as her elder sister, now more than ever.

She needed to be there for Cloris, to spare her the desolation and disappointment, in case she got overwhelmed by strong feelings.

Soon, the door opened and Arthur was led into the room.

Cloris redoubled her strength to hold Cassandra's hand when seeing the man appear in the doorway. Cassandra endured the pain again without a word, although her hand was now almost twisting.

It wasn't surprising that Cloris was reacting this way. The Arthur that stood in front of them hardly looked like the man he'd once been.

He used to be elegant, handsome and well-dressed...the way a gentleman should be. Now, he smelled of decadence and abandonment, wearing the prison uniform with his hair cut too short. He still looked well-groomed as he had shaved, but Cloris found it hard to recognize him.

He had always been a vigorous and high-spirited young man around her, but currently, it looked like that that part of him was dead.

Whatever was left of him was a


Why did he have to say those hurtful words to her? He had once loved and cared for her so much. Why would he do this to her now?

However, her grief was met with nothing but a smirk. What did they expect him to say, anyway? When he was told someone had come to visit him, he wished it had been some big shot who had come to get him out of this sick place. It was only natural that he felt extremely disappointed to find Cassandra and Cloris in the room, instead.

He knew the elder one was Rufus's woman, and had helped Horace before. It would be stupid of him to dream of her rescuing him now.

And what about Cloris? She was just a brainless woman whose only skill was to curse or threaten people, or play cheap tricks on them. Would she be able to help? Well, pigs could fly if they had wings, couldn't they?

Honestly, Arthur didn't want to say a single word to them, as they were of no use to him. Furthermore, Cloris's pity annoyed him to the core.

"Save it, Cloris Qin. We are not acting on a stage. I have no interest in putting up this kind of touching show with you," he said coldly.

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