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   Chapter 487 Visiting Arthur The Prisoner (Part One)

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Edith gasped after hearing what Cassandra had just said.

"It's too dangerous, Cassandra!" she cried.

A look of bewilderment and shock sat pasted on her face, which was also reflected in her shaky voice. She couldn't understand why Cassandra would want Cloris to see Arthur now.

After all, many things concerning this man remained unclear at the moment. Dead men do not speak. Chances were that those whose interests were seriously compromised might now be trying to make him shut up forever. Had Cassandra forgotten how her father Vernon was forced to commit suicide in a similar situation? Wasn't it wiser to stay away from Arthur now?

"Mom, you know Cloris would never listen to us if we don't allow her to see him. But I will do everything in my power to protect her, I promise,"

Cassandra replied, giving Edith a determined look.

Cloris's dull eyes, though, shone with hope upon hearing her sister's words.

"Do you really mean it? So, you will take me with you, right?"

Cloris asked, stepping closer to Cassandra. She grabbed her arm impulsively, as if all the grudges she bore against her sister were suddenly gone. Her grip was so strong that some of her nails were nearly digging into Cassandra's flesh.

Cassandra clenched her teeth to endure the pain but said nothing about it. Instead, she looked at Cloris sternly.

"Yes, you can come with me, but on one condition."

She pursed her lips, looking firm and determined.

"Name it, I would do anything if it means I can go with you!"

Cloris agreed without giving a second thought. All she wanted was to see Arthur right now.

"After we see Arthur, you must come to see Courtney with me and apologize to her and Mrs. Zheng properly. Do you accept this?"

asked Cassandra in a serious

ut him flying around.

The idea of him being possibly framed by someone further tensed her.

This was why she had so easily succumbed to Cassandra's demands this time. The things that were on stake here were much more important than anything else.

Edith stood staring at Cassandra and Cloris with a sense of helplessness in her eyes.

"Sometimes, I can't believe the two of you are my daughters. It's so odd that both of you are so stubborn. I simply cannot see whom you have taken after..."

said Edith with a pensive look. Well, out of sight and out of mind. Knowing she couldn't stop them, she walked away without seeing them off.

"Let's go then,"

Cassandra said, raising her chin. The car Rufus had given her as a gift was parked just outside. She could directly take Cloris to where Arthur was held up.

As for Cloris...she just bit the bullet and got into the car. Throughout the ride, she remained silent, but it seemed like her mind was made up for whatever followed.

Cassandra had arranged for the visit in advance, so everything went smoothly. But when they were waiting in the detention house, Cloris started to feel nervous. Her legs were restless.

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