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   Chapter 486 The Illusion Of Love (Part Two)

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Arthur was in jail and sitting for a trial. She knew that it was serious this time. He seemed to be facing something much worse than what her father was against.

She wanted nothing more than to see him, but Edith strongly disagreed.

"Don't you understand what kind of person he is? Do you really think he is the same person you think of? For heaven's sake, Cloris. The man is in jail for a long list of wrongdoings. There's even a charge for murder. Why do you insist on taking his side?" Edith said, disbelief in her face.

Cloris had been so naive that she didn't realize she was being played for a fool. Edith worried about her.

"No. He must have been set up!" Cloris stubbornly argued. "Mom, please. Let me go to him. I want to ask him myself if he had really used me," she pleaded tearfully.

She had been on a hunger strike for the past three days in her desire to see him. However, Edith was not to be moved. She even confiscated Cloris's phone from her.

"You will stay at home," she answered firmly. "We will see the truth when the results of the trial come out."

Cloris's plea fell on deaf ears. Edith would never let her daughter near that fiend again.

"Mom, it's also illegal to put me under house arrest!"

Cloris stamped her feet in rage, her eyes brimming with tears of frustration.

"Whatever. I am your mother, Cloris. And you will do as I say. If you want to go out, you have to do it over my dead body!"

Edith would not compromise. If Cloris refused to listen to reason, then she would have to keep her daughter out of harm's way herself, even if it meant locking her inside the house.

The sound of arguing voices float

hat was happening with Cloris.

"Cloris, nothing good will come out of you going to see him. He is a criminal. Even his business partners are keeping quiet about this incident. This would not be a good time to see him. You could get in trouble,"

Cassandra sighed and said, trying to stop her sister from making another mistake.

At her words, Cloris's shoulders dropped, like a flower wilting and on the verge of death. The light fled from her eyes until there was nothing but a blank darkness.

Her hope shattered like stars falling into the ocean, swallowing up by the waves.

"Why don't you trust him? Arthur is not that kind of person. He is gentle and considerate."

Cloris's voice broke and trembled as she turned to grip Edith's arms.

"Mom, you also said so yourself. You complimented him and said you were satisfied with him, remember? Why are you criticizing him now?"

Cloris asked with a stubborn expression, pleading for her mother's agreement.

Cassandra regarded her sister with thoughtful eyes, and finally sighed, "Are you sure you want to see Arthur? I'll take you there."

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