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   Chapter 485 The Illusion Of Love (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5548

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The man's laughter came as a grating sound from the receiver. Had Horace been paying enough attention, it would be enough to make his skin crawl, but as things were, his mind was reeling from the shock and he was unable to register the horrible sound.

He could not believe that there was still someone would like to invest in Tang Group. The company was as good as gone. It was surrounded in quicksand from all directions—debts, losses, failed dealings…It would take a miracle to escape. And yet, this man appeared like a savior. Horace felt the dying embers as if his hope flared once again at the proposition.

The caller set a time and place to meet with Horace and then hung up.

Cold sweat broke out from Horace's brows. He could not believe what had just happened.

This could be just what would save the Tang Group from its downfall.

Meanwhile, in the room elsewhere…

"Mr. Cheng, do you need me to arrange this?"

the assistant, clad in an impeccable black suit, stepped forward and asked the man in front of him. The room had no light, and it was almost as if he was speaking to the shadows.

"Do it. Immediately. I want to see Rufus's father,"

he spoke in a hoarse voice that was just sort of a whisper.

The assistant nodded at his order and walked out. At the sound of the door closing, the man raised his head slowly.

The twilight fell from the window upon his face. The light revealed the bony features of a man of about fifty years of age, his skin creased with shallow lines.

His eyes were sharp and he had an aquiline nose. His face broke into a cold smile, and a striking scar on his cheek glinted against the light

received news that Tang Group was in trouble and Rufus turned a deaf ear to the predicament, which was something he found very strange.

He sent his men to gather information in order to make sense of the situation. It was here that he discovered about Horace's past and the bad blood between him and his own son.

It presented a perfect opportunity to Chester. This time, he needed to work out a perfect plan which eventually could make Clark and Rufus fight against each other.

When that happened, all he needed to do was just sit back and watch the fight unfold. As the two men waged a war against each other, he would emerge as the true victor and reap the benefits from the aftermath. How profitable!

A sinister smile crept upon his face as he imagined his prospects. 'The Dark Night Group will be returned to me!' he thought to himself.

In the huge villa of Qin Family, two women, Edith and Cloris, sat across each other in a silent argument.

Cloris had been wasting away as the days passed. There was no luster in her eyes. She wasn't as energetic as the time when she just got back.

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