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   Chapter 484 A Savior

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"Auntie Whitney will be bringing Courtney over today. She'll be seeing our therapist to try painting therapy,"

Cassandra said as she busied herself with dressing up, not bothering to look at Rufus as she did so.

"Courtney's fine whenever she's not triggered. She was just like an ordinary person the last time I saw her,"

Rufus replied, sighing at the thought of such a beautiful girl having her life ruined so pitifully.

"I know. Joel is to blame for that. He shouldn't have played with Courtney's emotions that way. He's a sinner, and sinners are damned to live in hell forever," Cassandra spat.

She was starting to get irritated the more she thought about Joel. That man was such a bastard! He was up to no good. It was a shame that Lionel helped him out of prison.

Watching the little woman huff around angrily, Rufus couldn't help but think how cute she looked. He walked over to embrace her, planting a trail of soft kisses on her cheek.

"It's time to go. I'll drive you to the studio. I have to go to TY Entertainment to check the accounting reports."

Rufus had gradually shifted the focus of his work to G City. After all, G City was his hometown. Cassandra was worried about her family, so she wouldn't go abroad with him willingly.

Rufus, on the other hand, was willing to follow Cassandra wherever she wanted to go.

Just as soon as Cassandra arrived at the studio, Whitney came with Courtney.

Courtney wasn't in the mood to talk. She only looked at the others blankly. Cassandra had arranged for a small room for Courtney and the therapist to have a private session.

They tried out the art therapy. When the painting was finished, Cassandra held a shocked expression.

Courtney had painted a green scenery with a long, white cloud. Within the artwork rested a small red object that shone as the wind passed through it.

Courtney seemed to draw something rooted from her childhood.


Cassandra began, suddenly feeling ashamed because she and her sister had caused the incident.


g Group to help develop the company. But Horace had not heard from the secret investor ever since their last call.

It was immensely upsetting. He had tried to contact the man again and again but failed, so he gave up. It was unexpected for the same stranger to call now when the Tang Group was driven into an impasse.

Horace gripped the phone tightly and shoved himself up off his chair.

"Why... Why are you calling me?"

Horace asked excitedly. His heart was beating so fast that he felt like finally, his company could be saved.

This person could help the group come back, and even develop further.

"Oh, Chairman Tang, I think we need to meet. I did say I wanted to invest in your group before, but life got in the way. Now that I'm free, I could restart the investigation of your group. I think it has potential, so I want to meet with you to discuss it,"

the man smiled over the earpiece. His voice was so silky and warm.

Horace felt his temples drum as his blood began to rise up to his head. He couldn't help but feel a burst of ecstasy run through him.

Horace knew. He was right.

This man was going to save Tang Group.

"Well, decide on a time and place. I'll make it there."

He couldn't hide his excitement any longer. The Tang Group was on the verge of bankruptcy, but this man was here to save it. This man was a savior!

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