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   Chapter 483 I Just Got Tired (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6261

Updated: 2019-08-04 04:51

"Alright, I understand. I'll usher you home so that you can take a good rest. Is that okay?"

Rufus asked warmly as if he was talking to the most valuable being in the world. Cassandra could only nod as a response, since she was still on the verge of calming down.

He carefully led her to the car and drove home. As he finished parking his car, Rufus found that Cassandra was fast asleep leaning against the passenger's seat.

He could not help but take a glimpse of her until it became a lasting glance. The shadows beneath her eyes, along with the shadows of her long eyelashes as her eyes were tightly shut, highlighted the trace of tiredness, making her look more withered. He could all imagine her distress while he was away.

Rufus decided to get off the car, opened the door on Cassandra's side and silently carried her in his arms. He was surprised that the petite woman had become as light as a feather. 'She surely has lost weight, ' the man thought and he was again overwhelmed by guilt.

With a gust of wind, she could be knocked down in her fragility. On the contrary, she could become stubbornly strong when they were quarreling that he wanted to knock his own head against a brick wall to end it all.

While Rufus was focused on carrying her to the house, Cassandra seemed to gain consciousness but declined to open her eyes. She even clung in his arms and rested her head closer to his chest.

A soft chuckle escaped from his mouth as Rufus was amused by her gesture. She had always flaunted her most adorable look unintentionally.

The stubborn and independent little woman had drawn in her claws now as she was cuddling in his arms like a sweet-natured kitty.

Rufus couldn't contain himself to plant a kiss on her forehead with sincerity while promising on himself that he would never bring her to anguish again.

The ill-mannered bickeri

er face.

"Ahoy! Time to get up! Or else, I might be late. I must go to work on time from this day forward. Let's do this, Cassandra!" she cheered herself adorably.

The woman stood up, the quilt slipping down from her, while Rufus looked at her intently. It seemed he had an ulterior motive.

Since she was truly awakened and had finished her breakfast, he thought it would be his turn to do something. He must seize this moment while she was buoyant and fiery.

"How was the breakfast?" he asked while trying hard to look serious.

But the mischievous smile from his face had betrayed him. His true motive was now unveiling.

"It's the best! Thank you for your sweetness!" Cassandra replied honestly and with all innocence.

She raised her hands and flipped her hair, heading to take a shower first.

But before she could enter the bathroom, Rufus stopped her by cuddling her from behind. She felt his heavy breaths on her nape, making her melt inside.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked nervously.

Cassandra had the idea at the back of her mind, but she pretended that she wasn't aware of his naughty thoughts.

"Now that you are satisfied with my exclusive service, it's your turn to serve me," he mumbled into her hair.

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