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   Chapter 482 I Just Got Tired (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6560

Updated: 2019-08-04 00:46

Instead of explaining to Stella, a weak smile escaped from Cassandra's lips as she suppressed the poignant feeling that prevailed in her heart.

The vexing feeling did not subside from Cassandra's mind because Rufus made her expect too much this time. Yet, not even a silhouette or shadow of that man occupied in the venue. With a heavy sigh, Cassandra dropped the longing for Rufus's presence at this moment.

"I think we're almost done here. Surprisingly, almost all of the people I invited showed up. I'm really grateful for today, Stella. I guess I can manage the rest so you can go home now,"

Cassandra said as she explored her eyes around and noticed that cleaning up was the only job left to do.

Utmost debility was seen all over Stella's expression that was why she couldn't refuse and went home directly to rest. Cassandra bid goodbye to her and watched her leave with embittered aura because of such a long day.

Remarkably, Cassandra never felt weary even when she was underpinning the entire Qin Group on her shoulders. However, this single day drained almost all of her energy. Honestly, her physical condition had indeed gradually worsened as days passed.

The doctor's sentiment crossed her mind when she was brought to the hospital the other day by Rufus, inevitably making her mind filled with thoughts.

"It would be best if you immediately do an overall physical examination. Strangely, your weight is decreasing rapidly despite your regular meal intake," the doctor said in a serious tone.

The doctor guided Cassandra's arm to measure her pulse and was surprised to find how thin she was, like a living skeleton.

At the back of her mind, Cassandra knew that she was losing weight these days because she didn't feel very well. The doctor's perception had even made her more anxious than before.

With direct and sole awareness of her situation, Cassandra often felt queasy. She would vomit up almost everything she ate afte

hought about the time when he was not with her when she needed him the most.

The two were having a fight before Rufus left to attend the Dark Night Group meeting and they hadn't settled it yet. They had been overruled by their pride so they refused to give in. The cold fury was now replaced with the warmth of Cassandra's tears.

Rufus could not bear to witness Cassandra's weep. He broke the hug to stare at her teary eyes, and reddish nose and cheeks, then gently caressed her tears away from her cheeks but they kept running down restlessly, making him feel even more guilty.

"Please forgive me, Cassandra. I should not have quarreled with you before I left. I know I was wrong and too easy to be led away. I should have trusted you. Please stop crying because it is not your fault,"

Rufus pleaded and apologized again and again. Cassandra tried to calm herself down.

"No, I never thought it's your fault. I never blamed you. I just... I just got tired," she said while composing herself.

But her tears were not cooperating with her mind as they started to fall again after finishing those words.

Cassandra had always acted more than what Rufus always did. If Rufus was tough to her, she would be much tougher, but when Rufus admitted his mistake, she would be more relented to him.

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