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   Chapter 481 Succumb To Me (Part Two)

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While saying that, a smug smile crept onto Clark's face. Now that he had won Charlie's trust, Rufus's status in the group started to be on loose grounds.

The sense of overpowering Rufus soon engulfed his heart and he was flattered by the thought of it. It felt so great to be superior over Rufus!

However, Rufus just sneered after hearing his arrogant remark. Without even turning his head back, he continued walking forward as if he hadn't heard a word from what he had said.

Working with the man for a long time now, he knew what Clark was thinking about. He had always wanted power, he wanted everyone to succumb to him, and he wanted to dictate other's lives. If Rufus acted inferior to him, he wouldn't get any respect back.

Even though Clark was the ruler of the Dark Night Group by name, the real ruler was still Charlie, who was one of the founders of the group. Having been in the group since the very start, he knew perfectly well how things should be managed. But what about Clark?

Aside from everything else that Clark had done, Rufus felt that the plan Clark had was total nonsense. If the plan would be put into action, he could ascertain, that the Dark Night Group would be in grave danger!

Having failed to get any response from Rufus, Clark clenched his teeth. He sprang forward to overtake Rufus's steps and block his way.

"Rufus, as far as I can remember, you are still a member of the Dark Night Group. Yet you are so disrespectful to me! Are you trying to betray us?"

Annoyingly, Clark was just picking at Rufus for some random reason and enjoying his power at the same time. When Rufus heard that accusation, his eyes turned dark.


all her hard work was worth it the moment she saw the smiles on the faces of those kids.

When the event was over and the crowd left, Cassandra felt that every muscle in her body had been stressed and strained because of the busy day.

"Oh my goodness, Cassandra. You're so impressive. I can't believe you've done it! I feel like I'm dead right now."

With a hoarse voice, Stella simply slumped onto the chair. It was unsightly, but she was just too tired to bother sitting up straight.

As for Stella, she was now working in the Public Relations Department in TY Group, back to her original career path. Even though her usual workload was heavy, today's work was simply too much that it exceeded her limit.

"Where's Rufus? How could he leave everything to you? How could he let you manage the entire event? What if I didn't come today? How could you get through this on your own?"

Stella was showing off how indispensable she was, while sticking her tongue out to show her dissatisfaction with Rufus. She couldn't believe that Rufus had left Cassandra alone to handle the studio owned by the two of them.

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