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   Chapter 480 Succumb To Me (Part One)

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In every organization's journey, there were times that the group might have achieved greater heights and reached the zeniths of its success and glory. Yet, there were still times when the going got tough, and the organization would bend its way to survival. These couple of years, the Dark Night Group had faced some obstructions. In the past, no one would dare to engage in any form of conflict with the Dark Night Group. But now, it seemed that time had changed. Their opponents had become more blatant and bold. They had concealed their identity, and the Dark Night Group was working on to find out who they truly were.

"We have been investigating as to who they are and what their intentions are. With all the information at hand, I can be almost sure that they are from the Eagle Group. The said group is growing stronger these recent years, and has a similar structure as our group."

With a determined look on his face and the gloomy aura of his eyes, Charlie uttered that out, which silenced everyone.

They had known that the founder of the Eagle Group was a person who used to have a high rank in the Dark Night Group. When Clark's father passed away, Charlie insisted that Clark would assume the role of the leader, which angered most of the members who believed that the role suited them more that Clark, one of which was Chester Cheng, who decided to leave the Dark Night Group shortly after Clark's proclamation. Months after, he established his own Eagle Group.

Needless to say, the nature of the Eagle Group was rather similar to the Dark Night Group. They aimed to produce talents in all areas. They vetted on the goal that the unbelievably intense training in the training camp would equip the people who joined with the necessary skills they needed.

bly wouldn't know, that his hatred towards Rufus was way more intense.

"Good to know that you two don't have any conflict. You two now are responsible adults. You know very well what you should be doing with your lives. I hope you can work together for the group!"

Raising his brows towards them, Charlie said in a firm tone.

"Rest assured. I have already instructed my people. Even if the Eagle Group attacks us next time, I believe we will be able to protect ourselves!"

With his hands inside the pocket of his trousers, Clark was quite confident. He had devised the plan himself and he believed that nothing could go wrong!

The response from Clark made Charlie nod in satisfaction. He then turned to Rufus and sighed.

Walking towards Rufus, he patted him on his shoulder, but didn't say anything else. He left it with that and hoped that Rufus would have understood what he meant by his pat on the shoulder.

After their conversation in the meeting room ended, Rufus briskly walked out. Seeing him leave, Clark suddenly said from behind, "Rufus, if you want to stay in the Dark Night Group, you better listen to me. Or else, you will suffer the consequences."

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