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   Chapter 479 Stayed With Each Other Forever

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Cassandra was starting to relax, embracing the warmth inside the car. She glanced over at Whitney, whose eyebrows were raised at her. Cassandra sighed.

"You know, I wouldn't be this upset if gentleness could always equate to trust. It's easier said than done,"

Cassandra said, exasperated. She was growing frustrated with this game of power play with Rufus.

"So, what makes you distrust him? What makes him distrust you?"

Whitney asked, concerned for the young woman in front of her.

"He always thinks that I am closer to my friends than him. He's always so possessive of me, like he doesn't even trust I can do things on my own. Every time when issues come up, I always try to prove him otherwise but we'll just end up fighting. I just...can't seem to agree with him sometimes. When we don't try to impose our ideas on each other, we don't argue. But that's such a hard thing to do when you're together all the damn time,"

Cassandra admitted, rubbing her hand through her scalp as she tried to soothe the headache.

Whitney scoffed and smiled before resting her head back on the seat.

"Cassandra, I think the problem is that you and Rufus love each other so much that both of you are hoping the other person can live the way that you truly want to. But the keys to maintaining a relationship are understanding and tolerance. It doesn't mean that Rufus doesn't love you, and it certainly doesn't mean that you don't love him. Your fights are all born out of your love for one another. You just love each other too much! Come on, think about it. When you were with Lionel, even if he had an affair, you didn't take it too hard because you knew that you didn't love him anyway. But if Rufus were the one who had an affair, I bet you would be furious,"

Whitney explained confidently, knowing she was more experienced with love and dating than Cassandra. It was easy for her to find the root of the problem.

"Listen, Cassandra. Dating isn't as easy as you think. It's quite difficult to maintain a relationship. I know the two of you cherish yours, but...please don't turn out like me. You will never know what you have until it's gone. Treasure your relationship,"

Whitney added, voice slowly turning into a whisper. Her eyes trailed off to look past the car window. Talking about relationships like this made her remember her past.

Cassandra suddenly realized why Whitney started to look so gloomy. She carefully laid her hand atop Whitney's, before giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"I get it, Auntie Whitney. Please don't worry too much. But it is always easier said than done. Rufus and I are always so stubborn whenever we fight. We never really listen to each other. It's even harder for us to take the time to sit down and just talk…"

Whitney raised her finger up to interrupt Cassandra from continuing.

"Cassandra, dear, we human beings are incredibly strange creatures. Whenever we face strangers, we're always kind and gentle to them. But, when we're with our loved ones, we're always so mean. Why do you think that's the case? In fact, our family, our friends and our partners are the most vulnerable ones that we need to take care of. Shouldn't we be kinder

She was lying to him.

She was feeling anxious and worried about hosting all by herself tomorrow. She knew she had to face the pressure on her own.

Cassandra didn't know what to say. Rufus remained silent on the other end. Neither of them spoke a word.

A few seconds later, Cassandra grew impatient and hung up the phone.

She slowly sat down and cuddled up with her arms around herself on the sofa. Sleep finally took over and she decided to stay like that.

It was better than to be reminded of Rufus in the bedroom. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that now, she was all alone.

They hadn't even resolved their previous argument. Now, Rufus estranged himself from Cassandra's grasp. How they treated each other so coldly! Cassandra felt sadness and grief wash over her.

Cassandra wondered with her head buried in her arms, 'How do you really feel about us, Rufus?'

The man, on the other hand, felt shocked by the busy tone that rang on his phone like something was amiss.

"Mr. Luo. The meeting is about to begin,"

Victor rasped out upon walking up to Rufus at the end of the corridor.

Rufus snapped back and nodded, dismissing Victor. He sighed and buttoned up his suit as he walked over to the conference room.

All of the senior executives in the Dark Night Group were to meet today. The conference room was packed with people in corporate suits.

Clark sat in the very middle. When his eyes saw Rufus, he felt a flash of heat pass over his eyes.

The two of them had always avoided meeting together. In the previous meetings, they made a point to never face one another. Why would Rufus be attending this meeting today?

Once everyone had arrived and seated, Charlie called the roll and started the meeting.

"We all know that everyone in the Dark Night Group has been through a lot of competitions recently. Some of us have even been framed by anonymous people and we suffered from devious threats. So today's meeting is meant to figure out the reason for their hostilities,"

Charlie spoke loudly and clearly. People started to murmur within the large room. 'How do we find out?'

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