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   Chapter 478 Whitney's Advice

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Even with her eyes fixed on Rufus, Cassandra couldn't see his face clearly. Tears began to fill her eyes, making her vision blurry. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't figure him out.

Their history together suddenly flashed before her eyes. The corners of her lips turned up in a bitter, sad smile.

"At least now I know what you really think of me," she said, her voice small and bitter.

Cassandra's heart was breaking into a million pieces, simply because of his question. Her chest was throbbing in pain, making it difficult to breathe. Her head was spinning, and everything around her seemed to turn fuzzy.

After everything they had been through, he still didn't trust her. No matter what she told him, he refused to believe her.

How could he ask if the baby was Lionel's?

It was ridiculous.

The pain she felt when she lost the baby, the nightmares she woke up from, crying her eyes out, the mournful days she had to get through on her own…they all seemed like a huge joke, now.

When she was at her worst and loneliest, Rufus wasn't there. When she needed him the most, he disappeared and left her alone to face the darkness.

After she dealt with the pain and mustered the courage to put on a strong face, he suddenly reappeared and demanded painful things from her.

At that moment, she realized how he was always a taker, never a giver. It was Rufus's nature to be demanding, dominating, always wanting more from her. Though she loved him and would do anything to satisfy him, the man ended up hurting her so unspeakably.

Swiftly grabbing her coat, she turned to open the door and walk outside in the blowing cold wind.

The door slammed with a loud bang, and Cassandra's back disappeared from Rufus's view.

She left so fast, just like the love between them, which Rufus failed to protect…

Just like the promise Cassandra wanted from him and could never attain.

Rufus wanted so badly to grab her before she left, to pull her into his arms and kiss her in desperation. He wanted her to keep shouting at him, cursing at him…he even wanted her to hit him, so long as she would stay and talk to him.

As long as she was willing to explain and deny his accusation, he would believe her.

But all she did was walk away in silence, leaving him cold and bitter.

Suddenly, Rufus's eyes started to well up with tears. Who was it that said men shouldn't cry? They must have never felt something as heartbreaking as this before.

His pride just wouldn't let him open his mouth and call out for Cassandra to stay. It was also his pride that hurt the woman he loved so dearly.

Meanwhile, as Cassandra walked through the city in the chilly wind, her tears continued streaming down her cheeks. She just couldn't stop crying the moment she left.

'Cassandra, do you now realize what kind of man he really is? You've done everything you could to be with him, but all he can do is hurt you over and over again. Is he really worth this pain?' she questioned herself.

Walking aimlessly, she didn't know how long she had been outside. All she knew was that she was exhausted from all the crying and that her tears had finally dried out.

When she stopped, she foun

assandra was a good girl, and she was very fond of her. It pained her to see Cassandra so sad.

It was obvious that she was facing issues with Rufus.

Though Whitney rarely sought Cassandra out, she heard about all the rumors about her and Rufus all the time. After all, their relationship was a big source of gossip in G City.

In other people's eyes, Cassandra was an easy woman who enjoyed seducing men who were already taken. But Whitney, as a pretty good judge of people's character, knew better. She could easily tell that Cassandra was nothing like that.

Though the girl could at times seem soft, she had a very strong personality. As long as she had her mind set on something, nobody could sway her so easily.

Honest to the bone, she always had her own stand on things.

"Cassandra, it's good for women to be independent. But you have to know that if you want to live your life with someone, it's not good to be so stubborn all the time. You should learn how to show your soft side to your man.

Only then can you two get along," Whitney persuaded her with a gentle and warm tone, the care evident in her eyes.

"Auntie, I…"

Though Cassandra opened her mouth to say something, she was suddenly at a loss for words.

It was true that she was more hard-headed than most. If she were any other woman, she wouldn't have even tried to change Rufus's mind. He would've been able to do whatever he wanted to do to her, so long as he loved her. He could've hated whoever he wanted to hate and she wouldn't have spoken a word about any of them. If he doubted her, she would've simply apologized and made sure to please him.

But Cassandra was no typical woman. She had always been this stubborn and equally as kind. For someone like Rufus, it wasn't a very suitable personality for a partner.

"Cassandra, I could easily tell that you two were in love with each other, even before you divorced Lionel. You're both good kids. I truly hope that you can be together and live a happy life. There are times where showing your vulnerability to a man isn't something to be ashamed of. You may get more than you'd hoped for."

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