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   Chapter 477 Lionel or Me

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10275

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Both Rufus and Cassandra stayed silent on their way home. It was strange for Cassandra—the atmosphere in the car felt so cold that she thought she could freeze. There didn't seem to be a good moment to make things clear.

Meanwhile, Rufus was driving probably beyond the speed limit, with the car's engine roaring like an aircraft skimming rooftops.

Unable to bear it any longer, Cassandra finally broke the silence.

"Slow down, Rufus! You're scaring me!" she reminded him, clapping her hands over her chest. Rufus's expression relaxed a tad bit, as if he just remembered he wasn't alone in the car, and he slowed down without bothering to look at her or responding.

As they arrived at the villa and stepped inside, warmth swept over Cassandra's skin and the outside chill disappeared. Still, she couldn't deny the fact that there was still no shift in the tension between her and Rufus.

"Can we talk now?" Rufus stated more than asked.

Though he had been trying not to ask all the way home, he couldn't keep quiet now that they were in their familiar home.

Even though he had taken off his cashmere coat and only had one layer on him, he felt somehow unable to catch his breath.

His mouth felt parched and his tongue felt scorched, not because of the heat in his house but because of his anxiousness, brewing inside since he was told about the matter in the hospital.

Fixing his eyes on Cassandra, his heart was bouncing wildly in his chest as he drew closer to the truth. Somehow, he had to grasp for his sanity.

The same went for Cassandra. As she took a deep breath and shrugged off her coat, her face was as grave as stormy clouds.

"Rufus, like you heard, I was pregnant. Do you remember the time I went to the construction site and waited for you the whole day? I was planning to tell you about it then."

It had been a long time since then but she still felt a sting in her heart as she recalled it.

That night, she was harassed by gangsters. It frightened her to death, but Lionel showed up unexpectedly and helped her out of the mess. By unfortunate timing, Rufus didn't see the incident with the attackers—he only saw how Lionel was holding her in his arms. It wasn't surprising how he misunderstood them.

"But why didn't you tell me right away?" Rufus asked through his teeth.

Even now, he couldn't forget the image of Lionel holding her—it pissed him off to death.

"I tried! But you refused to hear me out. You started shouting at me and walked away. From that night on, you just disappeared! I looked for you everywhere but couldn't get a hold of you."

At this point, Cassandra's tone was overflowing with bitterness as she remembered how distraught she felt since she failed to find him. Somehow, Rufus managed to vanish as if he had simply been a figment of her imagination.

"Alright, then why didn't you go to Lionel for help? Let me guess. He refused to take any responsibility so you decided to get an abortion. Am I right?" he directly pointed out.

Even if his words were harsh, he couldn't hide the misery i

lue how to respond, Cassandra lost control. It was as though that part of her died the moment she heard him.

Suddenly, she wondered about the deep love she felt, all the vows and nights they spent together…Were they all illusions? In that moment, she realized that Rufus had never dropped his guard in front of her.

If he had, they probably wouldn't have gone so far in this terrible direction.

He was so doubting of her, believing that she was having an affair with Lionel even after everything they'd gone through.

The love she felt was turning into nothing but fleeting clouds.

Maybe it had never even existed in the first place.

How ironic…For the longest time, she believed that among all the women he had been with, she was the only one in his heart.

Cassandra's heart began to ache so deeply, as though she was bleeding in her chest.

Her vision turned blurry and she could hear a ringing in her ears.

Biting her trembling lips, she took a deep breath and put on an expressionless face as she looked right into Rufus's eyes.

It was the same Rufus standing in front of her, the same eyes and brows that she gazed upon in the morning, the same lips she had kissed a thousand times. But the expression on his face made him seem like a complete stranger.

As she looked again, she found that his eyes were a mystery, and she had lost all courage to guess what he held in them.

"Yes, I've never been more serious," Rufus pronounced each word clearly and cruelly.

Though he knew how hurtful his words were, he couldn't hold them back.

At this point, he knew she would never imagine that he was also just hurt inside. But he felt like he had nothing else left to do.

If she was pregnant with Lionel's baby before, it would be completely normal to anyone else. After all, the two were married.

But how could they be so cruel to him?

'Rufus, ' he began to think to himself, 'no matter how aggressive you are, no matter how hard you pretend to be strong, you can't deny that she's never said yes to you.'

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