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   Chapter 476 She Used To Be Lionel’s Wife

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Rufus was livid with rage. He couldn't believe Cassandra had stuck up for Horace again. He really didn't understand why she sided with Tang family after all that they did to her.

"Cassandra, you can't always be kind and sympathetic. Don't you remember how they treated you even when you've helped them before? When things went downhill, they blamed it all on you and never even gave you a chance to explain yourself. What can you possibly gain by helping people like these?"

Rufus didn't understand just what was going on in Cassandra's head.

Listening to Rufus's criticism, Cassandra started to feel weak in the knees and took a few steps backwards.

Everything that she had done was for Rufus's good.

She wished for Rufus to have no regrets in the future. Why couldn't he understand she was just trying to make their tomorrow better?

He hated Tang family to the core, as a result of which he was now venting all his anger on her.

"I don't need any benefits. I just want you to live a happy life."

Cassandra was ashen and trembling, and yet she stuck to her guns.

"No. 26, Cassandra Qin. No. 26, Cassandra Qin, please go to Clinic No. 3."

A gentle voice called out her number and name. Helplessly, she looked at Rufus, sighed and then started to walk toward the clinic.

Rufus's fury knew no bounds. As soon as she left, he hit the wall with a punch, unable to express his frustration in any other way.

What was all of this even about?

They were finally together after having overcome so many difficulties. Why did such quarrels always spring up and destroy their relationship?

What was required was a frank and straightforward dialogue, but it always turned into another bickering. It was as if the gulf between them was impossible to bridge.

At the thought of how Tang family harassed Cassandra, Rufus started to hate them even more. But why didn't Cassandra ever see his perspective?


A low female voice interrupted Rufus's wrathful thoughts. He turned around, only to find Amanda standing in front of him.

Amanda had come to the hospital with Charlie, who was waiting for her in the parking lot. After she came out of the clinic, she saw Rufus standing in a corner from a distance, and decided to go talk to him.

Staring at Rufus's face, Amanda was consumed with love and hatred at the same time. All the old feelings welled up in her heart.

But she simply couldn't speak with him right from her heart anymore. She was someone else's wife now.

"Are you alright? I saw you arguing wit

"She went to the hospital for an abortion..."

"She used to be Lionel's wife..."

The two sentences kept spinning around in his head. Everything before him seemed to blur away.

"All the checkups are done. The results say I'm okay. Let's go home now,"

Cassandra said, now standing in front of Rufus. She didn't look very good but Rufus didn't notice that.

She had already taken a few steps when she realized Rufus wasn't following her. He was still standing where he was before, not having moved even an inch.

"Rufus, why are you still standing over there? We can leave."

Rufus stared at her face with squinting eyes. Her high cheekbones and bright black eyes no longer seemed attractive to him.

How many lies had she told him?

He had no idea, but he was sure it was a big number.

"Did you get pregnant before?"

Rufus asked in a no-nonsense monotone, his face expressionless.

Cassandra's eyes widened. Her heart skipped a beat, and her legs started to feel weak.

How had he come to know?

She didn't know what to say. There were people all around her. Even when they were quarreling before, everyone was staring at them. She didn't want to attract any more attention by talking about such a sensitive and private issue here.

"Let's talk about this at home,"

she said, gulping. Her throat started to hurt and feel dry. She felt like life was slowly being sucked out of her.

The thought of that little baby tore her heart into pieces.

She was afraid tears would ooze out of her eyes right here in public.

Rufus nodded his head with his lips pursed, and started to walk.

He strode right past Cassandra, leaving her stranded, fearful and anxious.

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