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   Chapter 475 The Hospital Quarrel (Part Two)

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Seeing their departure, Rufus let himself relax and met Cassandra's gaze.

"Cassandra, I know you don't like Mr. Ke, and you've got every right to be. I just hope that you'll keep in mind that he's still someone who has helped me a lot since way back." Sincerity dripped like honey from the soft tone of his voice, filling Cassandra with the warmth of his brazen love. "As for the Qin Group, I'll buy it for you if you like..."

Cassandra shook her head in opposition, holding up a single finger against his lips to interrupt his offer, "Rufus, this matter has passed, and I don't want to mention it again. I have only forgiven one person, and that's you."

Her genuine look had him at a loss for words, his searching eyes seeking out any sign of dishonesty that backed up her declaration.

"Did I really hear you correctly? You mean, you forgive me?"

Rufus was skeptic and perplexed at what Cassandra had just said.

"You do realize that you caused all this, right? Amanda likes you, but you fall in love with me. Mr. Ke is hostile to me because of that fact, so he has done everything to cause more troubles in my life in hopes of making me leave you alone. All this is because of a love triangle,"

Cassandra coolly explained, watching Rufus's face slowly forming into one of gloom and anger.

"So, you mean it's all my fault?"

Rufus grumbled, the wrath slowly boiling deep within the recesses of his heart.

"I said it like that to show you that you're responsible, but keep in mind that I don't blame you for any of it,"

she refuted, stubbornly holding Rufus's stare to show him her steely resolve.

"Yes, you're right. I'm responsible, so because of that, I'll buy the Qin Group b

ufus to bear such ill will for his parent.

"If we have to re-evaluate your pretentious talk on this, then we might as well not communicate with each other,"

Rufus huffed in reconnaissance to her concerned gaze, the muscles of his face tightening in indignation.

Cassandra sighed, stretching out a hand to caress his cheek as a vain attempt to help subside his negative emotions.

"Rufus, don't be angry. What I said is for your sake. I just hope that we can be happy every day. Don't you want children? If our child asks who their grandfather is one day, how are you going to answer?"

Cassandra pleaded for Rufus to give in to her goading, trusting that he would embrace her tightly and give her a sweet kiss to diffuse their heated dispute, just like what he would normally do. However, this day had been an exception. His resolute figure maintained its stiffness, the resentment and outrage brewing continuously inside him.

"Cassandra, if you think he's a good man, then go on and be his daughter-in-law. As for me, I'll never admit to being his son. I'll never do what you wish, so you might as well give up the idea."

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