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   Chapter 474 The Hospital Quarrel (Part One)

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The comfortable position Cassandra assumed at her place beside Rufus was met with a judging appraisal from Charlie. His assessing gaze lingered on her stomach, naturally thinking that the woman was pregnant.

It was clear that what he had said in prior was deemed as an attempt to embarrass her; the blatant coldness of his eyes betrayed any facade of politeness he was expected to infer. 'Rumor has it that this lady is cunning, and I wouldn't be so surprised if it's true. She's really shameless for divorcing Lionel just to be with his elder brother. I would be surely embarrassed if I were her, ' he thought.

Charlie regarded Cassandra with a stare full of contempt—his last interaction with her, before he opted to ignore her presence completely.

"Mr. Ke, I brought Cassandra for a physical examination. Though, in respect to what you said, we will definitely invite you if we were to push through with our wedding."

A hand snaked around Cassandra's waist, which was an obvious ploy for Rufus to show her off as his esteemed partner, in reply to the unwelcomed irony of Charlie's words.

On the other hand, it seemed that Charlie's resentment was almost equivalent to Cassandra's own. His figure was her source of loathing. The presumed knowledge that he was the main culprit for the bankruptcy of her precious company left her seething inside in disdain. It was exceedingly hard for her to even remain calm in the face of the accused criminal.

She could only bear so much due to the sole recollection of Charlie being Rufus's mentor, and the fact that all of things he had done were for his cherished daughter.

Her beloved's respectful behavior coaxed her to lower down her guard. She had chosen to say nothing in fear of the hateful words that she might end up spouting, so she simply bowed her head in courtesy.

Deliberately avoiding any participation in their ongoing conversation wo

he authority of the Dark Night Group had all become an omitted past.

Furthermore, Charlie's support was now offered to Clark, and the inexplicable hostility the man harbored against Rufus was more than enough to make him vigilant. Rufus had no plans of keeping in touch with an enemy.

An offhanded snort from Charlie startled the couple, his rude rebuttal setting them on edge.

Amanda, who had not taken any interest in the exchange of the men, singled out Cassandra with a piercing stare. The subject of interest merely narrowed Cassandra's eyes at the flagrant animosity and kept her posture submissive to withhold from fanning the flames of enmity.

"Amanda, let's go."

No polite salutations of farewell were bartered as Charlie deserted their discussion. His daughter hesitated to follow suit, biting her lip as she dawdled on Rufus's uncaring form before she eventually complied to her father's wishes.

Everything Amanda had arranged was enough to fool Charlie into thinking that she was pregnant. 'For the meantime, I must not let him know that I've been faking my pregnancy. I can't risk annoying Clark. If I had let my father in on our secret, my reputation would be destroyed in an instant, ' Amanda thought with worry gnawing on her sinful mind.

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