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   Chapter 473 The Encounter At The Hospital

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From inside the room, Amanda felt even more agitated than she already was with the conversation she could not help overhearing.

She hated that people gossiped behind her back. Why did she have to be in this situation?

In her irritation, she randomly took a vase from her bedside table and threw it violently against the door. After the loud clash, the voices outside finally ceased.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She had spent so much time preparing for the wedding just so she could paint a great image of herself in front of so many people.

She wanted to be the star of the show, to be admired and envied.

To her disappointment, Rufus and Cassandra didn't come.

It felt as if she punched something with all her might and suddenly realized that her target was made of a parcel of cotton instead of something more solid. Her effort ended up harming only herself instead of her opponent.

Images of Rufus and Cassandra flashed across her mind. As she pictured their loving gazes and sweet caresses on each other, her heart burned with inextinguishable jealousy.

Suddenly, the door to the make-up room opened. It was Clark. He immediately spotted the broken vase on the floor.

"What's this?" he inquired.

He apparently spotted the group of people who came out of Amanda's room with caution on their faces. This immediately gave him a hint that something went wrong so he took it upon himself to check on Amanda.

As he had expected, the pampered woman threw a tantrum and made a huge mess.

Wordlessly, she shot Clark a furious glare.

"Oh, are you angry? Come, show everyone that you're angry. What good is it doing you when you're just displaying your temper to no one but yourself?"

he said sarcastically.

This made Amanda even more infuriated. She took another item and smashed it on the floor. Normally, she was subdued and restrained when she was in front of Clark. At that moment though, she found herself so overwhelmed with her emotions that she almost forgot all the fear she had for the man in front of her.

Predictably, Clark saw her defiance. Her behavior made his face turn grim.

"Are you testing me?"

Clark said as he drew nearer to intimidate her. She merely glared back with wrath.

"I don't want to get married! I'm not going to marry you!" she shouted.

Suddenly, she wanted to take back her words the moment she said them. She doubted her impulsive remark. Besides, the marriage was a way to secure her safety. Was she really about to throw that away? She had given up on Rufus and allowed Cassandra to take him. Still, she kept suffering.

"I dare you say that again!"

Clark boomed. His eyes were fixed on Amanda's face now, and so

Look at you. You're so skinny. I can't stand it! You're skin and bones!" he remarked playfully.

They went inside. Rufus had already made an appointment, so they just picked up a number and waited. As they were walking with his arm around Cassandra's waist, he turned and was surprised to see a familiar figure.

Clearly, the person saw them as well.

"Amanda, here!"

Charlie said loudly. His voice echoed throughout the whole hospital lobby, managing to draw all the people's attention.

He had pressed Amanda for a health check-up for pregnancy. Despite her unwillingness to come, she had no choice but to follow her father.

To her astonishment, she saw Cassandra and Rufus here too!

'This is the department where women get checked for pregnancy. What is Cassandra doing here? Could it be that...she is...pregnant?!' Amanda thought in her heart.

She found her eyes glued to Cassandra thinking of the possibility.

She was so slim. Her abdomen also had no signs of bulging. She did not look pregnant at all.

But, if she ever got pregnant, the baby would certainly be Rufus's. This thought suddenly made her turn cold.

Jealousy consumed her.

'Cassandra, the woman standing beside Rufus, should be me! How dare you!' Amanda screamed inwardly.

"Amanda, what happened to you?" Charlie asked.

He found Amanda's reaction strange. Following her gaze, he spotted Rufus. Instantly, his face turned grim as well.

It was because of him that Rufus and Amanda got engaged

but Rufus cancelled the marriage without even discussing the matter with him. His defiance made Charlie feel uneasy.

Amanda was his dear daughter, his precious girl. She would have been a perfect match for Rufus. Why on earth did he choose someone like Cassandra?

"Rufus! Are you married? Why didn't you tell me?" Charlie asked.

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