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   Chapter 472 No Wedding

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Ivy was frantic and scared out of her mind on the police car going to the local station. Once they arrived, they went straight towards a bare-bones room with a huge one-way mirror. She sat on the nearby chair right across a police detective. Her mind went blank whenever a question was thrown at her. The cops were about to give up since they couldn't get any decent information out of her because she always answered by asking to contact Clark.

"I am his girlfriend. Clark Ji, I want to see him! Please, I need to see him."

Ivy's face was ghastly pale with fear. She kept repeating Clark's name.

"Cut the bullshit. Just answer the questions, and maybe we'll let you get in touch with your boyfriend!"

One detective impatiently tapped the table with his pen.

At that moment, the door swung wide open. A man in uniform promptly came in and whispered something to the detective.

Ivy was observing the situation and saw the detective's eyes widen as he looked at Ivy and then the uniformed officer. With a snort of contempt, he stood up and immediately went out the door. In a few moments, a familiar man came in the room.

"Thank God, Clark! You're finally here!"

Ivy practically jumped from her seat and threw herself into Clark's arms.

"Clark, I don't know what to do. Someone sued me. What do I do?"

Ivy felt hot tears stream down her face. She looked up expectantly at Clark, eyes wide open despite the tears.

"Don't worry. Just sit down."

Clark was surprisingly calm, given the current situation. Ivy detached herself from the embrace and slowly sat down.

"Clark, I don't know what to do. Adrian leaked the information and fingered me. He claimed that I hated Lionel for driving me out of his mansion, so I deliberately stole his group's business secrets for revenge."

Ivy didn't see all of this coming. She didn't expect that her carefully laid out conspiracy would be brought to light so quickly. To her great disappointment, Adrian had apparently betrayed her after he got the money.

"Ivy, the city...the city has taken a hardline stance against highly illegal criminal activities recently. I'm sure you know that Arthur's case is also under investigation. Things are pretty tense right now."

Clark's eyebrows furrowed with stress. Dejection was clearly written in his eyes.

He sighed deeply and continued, "The police have people who will testify against you in court, and even as far as physical evidence. I've already talked to my connections, but the authorities have already made their stance clear in cracking down on unfair competition, and insiders' influence in public bids. I really...I really can't do anything right now. Take one for the team. I promise I'll save you after I find a way out of this mess."

Clark fixed his eyes on Ivy with steely determination, anxiously waiting for her response.

What Clark had said left Ivy utterly speechless. Her mouth was agape in her incredible shock.

It was as clear as day. Clark saw her as a scapegoat, a patsy. He didn't come here to get her out.

"Clark, I'

ropriate for us to be invited. Why bother going?"

Rufus said with a chuckle. Cassandra also relaxed and she smiled happily.

Since they both knew Amanda had always harbored malicious intentions towards them, they just couldn't bring themselves to attend her wedding.

"You're absolutely right. Let's just catch some movies tomorrow. No wedding!"

Cassandra playfully said.

Rufus couldn't control himself after that. He promptly stood up and embraced her, planting a soft kiss on her lips. Cassandra's breath left her.

"I love you, Cassandra. Always."

Rufus's forehead leaned against Cassandra's, his eyes closed.

"I love you, too."

After her response, Cassandra kissed Rufus back.

Every ceremony Amanda was part of was grand and lively. Her last engagement ceremony with Rufus already made headlines. Today, her wedding with Clark was even more grandiose.

Guests walked in the hotel on luscious red carpets just like the movie stars in their premieres.

"Wait, what? Rufus and Cassandra aren't here yet?"

Amanda shouted in a sharp tone. She frowned, shocked that the two weren't present.

"No, ma'am. We already checked the guest register. Mr. Luo and Miss Qin have not arrived."

The lowly busboy who reported the news was visibly shaking. The bride seemed to have a really bad temper. Why was she so angry?

As Amanda swept her hand across the table, the various things fell on the floor with assorted clangs.

"Get out! All of you, get the fuck out!"

Amanda roared, her voice turning hoarse at the last syllable.

The makeup artist and staff were visibly shaken. They looked at each other and then swiftly left the room one by one. They didn't dare to utter a word until after they were outside the room.

"What's wrong with her? Why does she even want her ex to come to her wedding?"

"You don't understand. Women are vain and love to show off. She just wants to show her ex that she's about to be married to a better man."

"Why does she feel the need to show off if she is truly happy now?"

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