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   Chapter 471 Clandestine Dealings (Part Two)

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Ivy, on the other hand, walked inside and closed the door behind her. She headed straight to the bathroom to take a shower. She stood under the warm water, closing her eyes and running her hands over herself obsessively.

Adrian was young and aggressive, and he had been persistent. And Ivy wasn't seeing anyone in particular. She had no good reason to refuse him.

Adrian's young body was like a perfectly ripe fruit, firm and supple, and ready for the taking. It was as if she returned to her youth every time they were together.

Many years ago, when she was a young girl, she held the attention of all men around her, and played with them to her heart's content. But she was not getting any younger as time continued to pass.

Her appearance hadn't changed much over the years, but Ivy knew that she no longer possessed any of the pure, unsullied charm younger women had about them. She knew it better than anyone else, as every day only took away what remained of her luster. And as if to add salt to her wounds, Clark had never shown any interest in her. She was getting older the way pearls changed its colors until it became an unsightly yellow.

Ivy smiled bitterly to herself as she turned the heat higher. The water had turned from warm to hot, and her skin flushed from the temperature. It was only at these times that Ivy felt she was young again, her skin rosy and soft. She let herself linger with the comfort of the illusion.

The taxi pulled to a stop in front of a bar. Adrian stepped out and headed inside, ordering his usual drink. The alcohol arrived quickly, and he took a long, cold swig of the amber liquid.

"Adrian! You're looking good these days!"

A man came over and gave him a small salute. For the past days, Adrian was loose with money, and now th

an's ears.

The man stood up again. He looked like the devil himself in the darkness, but to Adrian, he appeared like a Messiah, offering him his deliverance.

Adrian nodded his head vigorously to show his agreement, even as his body continued to be plagued with incessant shivers.

"Okay. I understand. I'll do whatever you ask me to do! I promise!"

Adrian croaked out in between dry heaves. His face was distorted in pain and his skin was ghastly against the dark pavement.

The man's teeth gleamed white in the darkness before turning away.

Then there was a soft thud as a packet landed on the ground. Adrian crawled over and reached out, opening it hurriedly. At the sight of its contents, a manic laugh came out from him, and he took a sniff of the drug like it was the breath of life.

A few days later, newspapers bled with shocking headlines that more or less said the same thing: Former lovers turned into enemies; The prospective daughter-in-law of Horace Tang did an inside job.

The man clutched the paper as his eyes lit up in pleasure.

'Kill with a borrowed knife. How do you like betrayal now, Ivy?' the man thought, his lips curling into a sinister smile.

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