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   Chapter 470 Clandestine Dealings (Part One)

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By the time Cassandra first left the room, Cloris's growing annoyance had escalated into a burning rage that was threatening to explode. She wanted to go straight to Arthur to ask him to clarify himself, but Edith stopped her.

Now the fact that her mother had consented to Cassandra and Rufus's marriage frustrated her to no end. Resentment gnawed her insides as she thought of how differently her mother treated them.

"We'll explain everything when we're ready. Please trust us, Cloris,"

Cassandra said, reaching out a hand to her younger sister. Cloris almost flinched at the thought of her sister's hand touching her. Before Cassandra could reach her, she stood up, shooting a venomous glare at Cassandra and darted upstairs without a word.

Cassandra stayed helplessly seated, following her sister with her eyes as she ran to her room. She was internally debating whether to follow her or not. Just as she was about to go after Cloris, her mother spoke, "Cassandra, it's getting late. It would be better for you to go back to your place. I know Cloris. We'll be able to persuade her later. Don't worry too much about it."

Sensing her elder daughter's worry, Edith assured her. Then, she turned to Rufus.

"Please take care of my daughter," she uttered each word clearly, looking straight into his eyes.

Rufus returned Edith's gaze. He needed no other words to understand. A myriad of expressions crossed over the older woman's face, but her eyes remained clear and undisturbed as she looked at him.

When she left her family home, Cassandra was still unable to believe what had happened. Her mother finally gave them her blessing. It was an immense relief, but all the same, it was also a source of great confusion. 'Why has she agreed so suddenly? What has changed her mind?' she wondered.

It was Rufus's voice that broke through


Clark's voice was even colder as he spoke. Whoever was behind this had no idea who they were dealing with. Now that they dared provoke him, he would show them just who he was to his enemies.

'And it seems to be the perfect time to pay Ivy a visit, ' Clark thought to himself, as he lit his lighter once again, envisioning the woman's face within the flames.

Ever since she had started working for him, he had not asked her to do anything, except steal Lionel's bidding documents. It had been a few days since he last saw her.

After meeting Arthur, Clark left his office immediately and drove his car to the villa where Ivy stayed. When he was some distance from the house, the door of the villa opened to reveal a young man he had never seen before.

He was tall and had a stylish look about him. A victorious smile curled in his lips as he turned to Ivy, who had followed him to the door.

He snaked an arm around her waist and bent down to kiss her, but she pushed him away firmly.

The man merely let out a laugh at her rejection, and retracted his arms.

As he walked to the street to hail taxi, Ivy went back inside her house. After a quick contemplation, Clark decided to follow the taxi the man took.

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