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   Chapter 469 Parents‘ Order

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Remorse and guilt filled Cassandra. Seeing Edith worry made her even more concerned.

"Mom, it has nothing to do with Cloris. As for what she said, I will find a way to investigate it!" she promised.

By this time, what she initially came for was no longer significant. Besides, there was nothing they could do about it anymore. What happened had happened. She was the one who gave the flash drive to Lionel but she was certain that she was not the one who caused the mess.

The real culprit was Arthur. He was the one she needed to confront, not Cloris.

"Cassandra, what's wrong?"

Edith asked, wondering why her daughter looked so puzzled. She studied her expression in hopes of making something out of it.

"Mom, believe me. This has nothing to do with Cloris. I'm sure of it. I'll do what I can to fix it. As for Arthur..."

she reassured her mother. Then, she glanced at Cloris, worried.

"Please be careful around him. He is not a man that can be trusted,"

she said with conviction. The fact that he made Cloris do something so harmful to someone else spoke volumes of what kind of person he really was.

Moreover, she also remembered a time when she was still working with the Tang Group and Arthur stole a project that had already been awarded to them. Since then, she had known that he was not a man of ethics.

Cloris glared at Cassandra, irritated.

"What do you think you are saying, Cassandra? Arthur has always treated me with respect. Don't you dare stir things up between us!" she remarked.

Cloris loved Arthur and she trusted him with her whole heart. Hearing Cassandra talk about him the way she did, offended her.

Unwilling to argue, Cassandra merely stood up and looked at her sister.

"Mom, I'll go now. Please keep an eye on Cloris. I don't know what will happen to her otherwise,"

she said softly as she made her exit. Arthur had always played dirty tricks. She could not imagine what worse things he could come up with. Cloris was so naive. At least Edith had a suspicion that something was wrong. As for Cassandra, her primary concern was to make sure that her family was safe.

"Ok, I know what to do,"

Edith replied. Knowing what happened to Cloris was enough to shock her. Realizing what her daughter had been through made her more vigilant in safeguarding her family. Despite Arthur's gentleman facade, she learned to anticipate something else that he could be hiding.

Cassandra walked out in haste. Rufus, who had been waiting at the courtyard, grew concerned when he saw Cassandra's urgent demeanor.

"Cassandra, what happened?" he inquired.

He had a few guesses on what

heir gaze was filled with love and a certain kind of gentleness that she never saw when Clark and Cassandra were together.

Something told her that that was the kind of love that could endure for a lifetime.

"Well, as long as you both want to be together, then I will not object,"

she replied. She said it so calmly. Yet, her answer surprised Cassandra.

Edith had been so opposed to Rufus before. She thought that it would take her a long time before she would be able to accept him. She did not expect her to agree so easily!

"Mum! You... Why did you say yes so easily?"

Cassandra asked incredulously. Rufus's unexpected proposal embarrassed her a bit. With Edith's unexpected acceptance, she blushed even more fiercely.

"I merely got out of the way. The rest is for you two to discuss further,"

she replied, stifling a smile.

She did not want to lose her composure in front of Rufus. After all, she was an elder.

Even more unexpectedly, Rufus bowed in front of Edith.

"Thank you for your trust, Auntie. I promise that I will take care of Cassandra!"

he said in an ecstatic, trembling voice.

For the first time in his life, he felt wonderful. Joy was like a wave that swept over him and it took him so much effort to hold it back and maintain composure.

"Rufus? I haven't even said yes yet!"

Cassandra reminded. Was she not part of the decision-making process? Why did he act as if it were already a done deal?

"Are you planning to disobey your parent's order, Cassandra?"

Rufus remarked sheepishly as he pulled Cassandra into a tight embrace.

Standing not so far away, Cloris watched everything unfold.

"That's funny, Mom. Why don't you agree with me marrying Arthur but agree to them getting married? ? ?"

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