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   Chapter 468 Get To The Bottom

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Edith trotted to her daughters hurriedly and stopped right between, her eyes darting sternly between the two of them silently.

"Okay! The two of you need to sit down and work things out! Sit down, now! I am not allowing any of you to leave this house until we get to the bottom of this!"

She had just gotten the whole story and was shocked to find the truth of what was happening between her daughters. Her expression clearly stated that she had realized she had been a bad mother and that none of them had bothered to talk to her about it.

Cloris had had a problem with Cassandra ever since she came back from abroad, and Edith used to think Cloris hated Cassandra because of her relationship with Rufus, but only now did she understand the case. She had never imagined that the sisters had gotten into such a mess.

Cloris sighed, giving a disgruntled, sharp look in Cassandra's direction.

"Mother, I have nothing to say. It happened so long ago and I had no evidence whatsoever. It's not like she would simply admit it," she said with an impatient snort. One could sense how she just wanted to get this over with.

Seeing the halfhearted look on Cloris's face, Edith glowered at her.

"I said sit down! Don't you dare leave!" she spoke in a low voice through her teeth.

Edith seldom talked to Cloris in this way, so the shock was evident on her face. Reluctantly, Cloris sat down on the sofa.

"Cassandra, sit down. You too, Rufus, but don't say anything. This is strictly a family matter, and I want both my daughters to give me an explanation for this mess!"

Edith wore a tough look. Frankly, she couldn't believe she didn't try to figure out the reason for the tension between them earlier.

Under their mother's strict order, Cassandra and Cloris sat down, but as far away from each other as possible. Edith sat in the middle. She looked from one to the other, her eyebrows pressed together.

"Cloris, you go first! Tell me what exactly happened that night, spare no detail."

She decided to listen to Cloris's side of the story first.

Cloris hesitated for a while and cast a glance at Rufus. What she was about to say required courage and could cause a glitch in her reputation. She couldn't utter a single word in his presence.

Rufus immediately got what was on her mind.

"I'm gonna go for a smoke," he said, trying to sound casual.

He then left the room without any hesitation.

Cloris told them what had happened that night from the beginning to the end, occasionally glaring at Cassandra furiously. Although, it had been a while since it happened, she still felt terrified at its memory.

"I know it was her after what he said, even though he didn't say a lot,"

Cloris said resentfully with her eyes fixed on Cassandra, as if she could swallow her alive.

"Did you see him again later?" Cassandra asked.

She was lost deeply in thoughts, wondering why Arthur was involved here at all. It wasn't as easy as Cloris thought.

"He was taken away by the police. Why would I take the trouble and see him again?"

Cloris blurted out as if it was the stupidest question Cassandra could have asked.

"If you called the police, you would have had to go to the police station to give your statement as a victim. Isn't that common sense?" Cassandra explained.

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"Okay, Cloris, let's stop here with you. Cassandra, talk about your problem,"

Edith patted on the table again and instructed Cassandra to start. But Cassandra found it hard to say anything and hesitated.

"Well? What are you waiting for, Cassandra? Tell me what you're thinking now. Hurry up! Edith urged.

She was annoyed now. Neither of her daughters seemed interested to make her worries go away. But they had gone too far now, and they all needed this heart-to-heart session.

But Cassandra felt like a drop of water spattered onto a pan full of boiling oil.

She had just learned why her little sister hated her so much and was still shocked to find she had been framed the entire time. This feeling was terrible.

It was possible that Arthur had plotted all of this.

Cassandra felt uneasy and restless, like there was a ticking time bomb that could explode any time.

Without a doubt, it was Arthur who had incited Cloris to steal her flash disk. Cloris was tricky but could never make such a seamless plan, let alone carry it into action.

It was impossible for her to have come up with such a master plan on her own. The plan had been neat and foolproof. Only one truth remained.

It was Arthur who planned all this. They broke up when Cloris couldn't help him last time but he came back to her now just so he could frame Cassandra. He didn't love her and he was simply playing her like a chess piece.

It annoyed Cassandra that he had set her up using her own sister, more than once!

She felt her heart sinking but she didn't know how to provide an explanation to her mother as Edith waited for one, scanning her face for answers.

She couldn't tell her mother that Lionel misunderstood her because Cloris had stolen her disk. She couldn't tell her he accused her furiously with his finger pointed at her nose. She couldn't tell her that she was helping Horace after that embarrassing divorce with his son.

Her mother would probably think of her as a nut if she found out any of these.

Cassandra couldn't explain why she would still help the Tang family while she paid negligible attention to the dispute between herself and Cloris. What if her mother didn't understand?

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