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   Chapter 467 I Can’t Control My Own Feeling

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10728

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Cold perspiration burst out of Cassandra's every pore as her teeth chattered with another blow of the cold wind.

As it turned out, she knew nothing of Lionel. She did not know how vicious he could be.

Apparently, he did inherit all his father and mother's vices. He was full of greed and selfishness. He was narrow-minded and easily discarded people even after they provided assistance.

"Get out! This is my last warning. If you don't go away right now, I'll call the police!"

Cassandra had enough. She was very pissed off. She could not remember any instance when she was ever angrier.

This took Lionel aback. Cassandra's face was now pale as a sheet of paper and it had a fury he never expected to see in her eyes.

"Fine! Wait and see, Cassandra Qin. I'll never forget what you did to me today and I swear I'll pay you back in your own coin!" he hissed from his clenched teeth.

He then stormed out, casting another threatening gaze before he completely disappeared.

Cassandra shook all over, biting her lower lip to keep her head from exploding. The splitting pain felt as if it would kill her. The sight of Lionel leaving with his head held high was unbearable.

With how he talked to her just now, she assumed that they did not win the bidding.

Still, his remarks confused her. She was certain that the disk was intact when she saved the document in it. How could it have any problems at such an important occasion?

The gust of wind that blew reminded her that the door was still wide open. She stepped forward to close it.

Still, not even the cold wind was enough to ease her thoughts. Like a stampede of wild horses, it trampled all her other concerns.

'What could have happened to the disk I gave to Lionel? And was there anyone else who had touched it before?' she tried to recall.

Suddenly, something hit her like a jolt of lightning that seemed to split her head in half, making her headache even worse.

It was none other than her own sister, Cloris.

The image of Cloris grabbing her bag kept replaying in her head. She then realized that Cloris was the one who took the flash drive away for a while. And what was worse, Cloris was with Arthur when that happened.

Cassandra shivered as she felt all the hair on her body stand. She got goosebumps.

Cloris betrayed her and she found it so hard to believe. Family did not do this to each other. She felt like her head was going to explode.

She couldn't take it. She had to see Cloris and ask her why she betrayed her like that.

In the next second, Cassandra grabbed her coat and keys. Just as she was about to leave, the door opened. Rufus entered and looked at her pale face and puzzled gaze.

"Where are you going?" he asked, surprised.

Her confusion was apparent.

"I…I'm going to see my mother," Cassandra hesitated.

She groaned inwardly. She did not expect Rufus to come back at such a time. It would be difficult to slip away from him.

"Okay, I'll drop you off,"

he offered without even asking why. As he turned to the door, Cassandra grabbed his arm.

"No, I'm sure you're tired. I can handle myself. I'll be back as soon as I can,"

she said, stopping him. If Rufus went

oris and Cassandra were quarreling furiously.

"How do you feel now, Cassandra? Wronged? Cornered? Unable to come up with a good explanation? Correct! I experienced that myself, too! I was exactly where you were! You will never know how scared I was. His smile when he was on top of me will forever haunt my dreams!"

Cloris boomed and pointed a finger at Cassandra out of rage, shivering all over.

"Yes, I didn't like you before because I was jealous of you. You said that you would help me to become Rufus's girlfriend, but instead, you seduced him behind my back. Sure, I got angry and damaged your dress, but that worked out well for you, didn't it? Rufus ended up helping you out! And yet, look what you did to me. You went so far as to hire someone to rape me for such a small matter!"

Cloris was now shouting at Cassandra with her loudest voice. After what happened, it no longer bothered her to hurt her sister.

"No, Cloris. I never did such a thing! I could never...You have to trust me. I'm your sister!" Cassandra explained desperately.

She was as shocked as she was devastated to hear her sister's story. She could not imagine Cloris going through such a horrible thing. Now, she understood why Cloris had been so angry at her.

"Ha! Whatever happened has already happened, no matter what you say! And I know you, Cassandra, you have a silver tongue. You think you can get out of this so easily? The sight of you disgusts me, and yet, I call you 'Sister.' Do you think you deserve that title? Ask yourself that sincerely and honestly."

Tears were now streaming uncontrollably down Cloris's cheeks. She had buried her hate for Cassandra for such a long time. Finally letting it out was like a huge weight off her shoulders.

"Cloris, I admit that I was wrong on things concerning Rufus. I'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself, I love him! But I won't take the blame for the rest. I never paid anyone to hurt you! I swear with my life! It was not me!" Cassandra gasped.

Still, she knew that this was an impossible case. Her sister would never trust her. The pain she was going through was just too much for her.

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