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   Chapter 465 Good Luck To You

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Rufus's eyes were fixed on Cloris as she took things out and placed them back in her 'new' bag.

The entire process was scrutinized by everyone, which made her behave in a very capricious manner.

Rufus tried to expel the weird feelings that shadowed his heart, but to no effect. Cloris had always been someone who behaved strangely. Maybe she just realy wanted to change the handbag?

"Sis! Here you are!"

Cloris beamed, smiling and gave her bag to Cassandra, while she carried the other one on her own shoulder. Holding Edith's hand, she asked innocently, "Shall we go back, Mom?"

She was simply putting up a facade to appear normal but was very anxious to go back.

Edith wasn't prepared for anything but was simply being pushed around and dragged by Cloris. Before she even realized what was happening, she had already taken the exit.

In the blink of an eye, Cloris swapped Cassandra's USB drive with the one in her hand. She felt relieved to have finally done that. Her heart started to beat at its normal pace again.

There were too many people in there just now. Very likely, Rufus and Cassandra would be able to spot her if she did it just now. That was why she was in a hurry to run away from them and do it secretly.

Little did she know there was someone who had observed the entire scene from a dark corner. A mystical smile stayed plastered on his face. In a moment, he was gone.

"Mom, Cloris, why don't you guys come stay with me?"

It wasn't easy for Cassandra to clear the gap between herself and her mother. She wanted to seize every opportunity that showed itself to strengthen the relationship they shared.

"We'll come back after a few days. We are going to celebrate Arthur's birthday in our house! Mother already started to do the preparation yesterday. He is going to drive us back later," Cloris said sweetly.

She had just finished talking when Arthur's car stopped in front of the studio. He walked toward them with a warm grin.

Cloris pulled at Edith's arm hastily, waving goodbye at Cassandra with a flashy smile and got into the car.

Cassandra saw them off and returned to her studio.

The moment the car started to move, Cloris started to copy the content from Cassandra's USB drive into another USB drive.

She chose to sit in the back seat, while Edith sat in the front. Arthur was talking to Edith to distract her so she wouldn't notice what Cloris was doing.

As the progress bar loaded more and more, Cloris became more and more nervous.

At last, it was done! All the content was duplicated into the special USB drive, which had a self-destruction function.

Cloris heaved a sigh of relief. Right then, Cassandra called her.

"Hey Cloris! I think I left my USB drive in your bag. Can you please check and tell me if it's there?"

She hurriedly called Cloris the moment it struck her that the flash drive was not with her.

"Let me see… Oh yes! It's here. I'll come and give it back to you

from him.

Even though he was waiting for Tang Group's termination, he wouldn't blame her for falling in their trap again. Since she had already done it, there was no use turning the incident into a conflict.

He believed different people had different opinions. To him, Horace was an enemy, so he wanted him to suffer. But Cassandra was too kind to see that and thought of him simply as an old and frail man who needed help.

Rufus didn't care for them, while Cassandra was merciful and kind. Horace knew this, and that was why he had come to her and convinced her, taking advantage of her gullibility.

'Oh god! Cassandra, why are you so naive!' Rufus shouted in his heart.

When Cassandra heard Rufus's words, she suddenly remembered the baby, which was lost in the accident. Her body started to tremble and continued doing so for a few seconds.

If Rufus ever came to know about it, he would be deeply saddened.

That was their first baby. For reasons she didn't understand, God had taken it away from them. It almost drove Cassandra crazy. She was depressed for months and she couldn't even imagine the sorrow Rufus would have to go through if he found out about it.

Even though Rufus always encouraged her to be open with him and share whatever she wanted, somehow, she didn't deem herself capable of ever telling him that.

Presently, she wanted to forget everything and just indulge herself in Rufus's warm arms. There was nothing she would do or say to break from his comforting, secure grip.

She simply nodded in conviction, and said, "I promise I will tell you everything I come across in the future!"

In her heart, she murmured silently, 'In the future...not the past.

Let's forsake the past.'

Rufus's lips curled into a meaningful smile. Some joy surfaced in his eyes.

'This woman is simply playing a word game with me. But, if she really means what she says, that's not bad at all!' he thought, running his fingers through her hair.

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